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The laboratory is structured around the growth of materials by epitaxy, which is the core of its activity. These materials are currently grouped around the theme of wide bandgap semiconductors: gallium nitrides (GaN, InN, AlN and alloys), zinc oxide (ZnO) and silicon carbide (SiC). Graphene, a zero bandgap material epitaxial on SiC, completes this list. Different growth methods are used to synthesise these materials: molecular jet epitaxy (under ultra-high vacuum) and various vapour phase epitaxies. Structural, optical and electrical analysis activities are organised around this epitaxy. The regional technology platform (CRHEATEC) is used to manufacture devices. In terms of applications, the laboratory covers both electronics (HEMT-type power transistors, Schottky diodes, tunnel diodes, spintronics, etc.) and optoelectronics (light-emitting diodes, lasers, detectors, materials for non-linear optics, microcavity structures for optical sources, etc.). The laboratory has also embarked on the 'nano' path, with fundamental aspects (nanoscience) and more applied aspects (nanotechnology for electronics or optics).

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Group III-nitrides CRYSTALS Free-standing GaN Atom probe tomography AlN Electron holography AlGaN/GaN HEMT Silicon carbide Aluminum nitride ZnO Heterostructures III-nitrides Al Silicon Semiconducteurs 6H-SiC Normally-off Boîtes quantiques Metalens Contraintes LEDs Transmission electron microscopy Croissance Bending Chemical vapor deposition Graphene High electron mobility transistors Nitrure de gallium Schottky barrier diode High electron mobility transistor Holography Quantum dots MOCVD Nitrides Defects Gallium nitride Transistor Epitaxy Épitaxie par jets moléculaires Electrical properties and parameters InGaN Épitaxie Nanoparticles Aluminum gallium nitride Tunnel junction LED Nanostructures Gallium nitride GaN Doping MBE High electron mobility transistor HEMT AlGaN/GaN III-N Photoluminescence Silicium Strong coupling Nitrures d'éléments III Traps Bond order wave Light emitting diodes Semiconductors Molecular beam epitaxy MBE Cathodoluminescence Diffraction Quantum wells Chemical vapor deposition processes Zinc oxide Selective area growth GaN HEMT Molecular beam epitaxy Creep Caractérisation Bullseye antennas Characterization Microcavity Spectroscopy Boron nitride Excitons CVD 3C–SiC HEMT GaN Microscopie électronique en transmission Millimeter-wave power density Dislocations Silica Metasurface Metasurfaces Atomic force microscopy Optical properties GaN-on-Si DLTFS Compressive stress 2D materials LPCVD AlGaN Coalescence III-nitride semiconductors Nanowire Diodes électroluminescentes