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Behavior of upwind scheme in the low Mach number limit: III. Preconditioned dissipation for a five equation two phase model

Angelo Murrone , Hervé Guillard
Computers and Fluids, 2008, 37 (10), pp.1209-1224. ⟨10.1016/j.compfluid.2006.12.010⟩
Article dans une revue hal-00871720v1

From stratified wake to rotor-stator flows by a SVV-LES method

Richard Pasquetti , Eric Séverac , Eric Serre , Patrick Bontoux , Michael Schaefer et al.
Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics, 2008, 22 (3-4), pp.261-273
Article dans une revue hal-01023280v1

A criterion for topological equivalence of two variable complex analytic function germs

Adam Parusinski
Proceedings of the Japan Academy. Series A. Mathematical Sciences, 2008, 84 (8), pp.4
Article dans une revue hal-00941033v1

On selection dynamics for continuous structured populations

Stéphane Mischler , Laurent Desvillettes , Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin , Gael Raoul
Communications in Mathematical Sciences, 2008, 6 (3), pp.729--747
Article dans une revue hal-00363138v1

Global low-frequency oscillations in a separating boundary-layer flow

Francois Gallaire , Uwe Ehrenstein
ICTAM 2008, Aug 2008, Adelaide, Australia
Communication dans un congrès hal-00420820v1

Concentration for norms of infinitely divisible vectors with independent components

Christian Houdré , Philippe Marchal , Patricia Reynaud-Bouret
Bernoulli, 2008, pp.14(4), 926-948
Article dans une revue hal-00540252v1

Energy Decay Laws in Strongly Anisotropic Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence

B. Bigot , S. Galtier , Hélène Politano
Physical Review Letters, 2008, 100, pp.74502. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevLett.100.074502⟩
Article dans une revue hal-00382460v1

Numerical Solution of a Pile Problem

Rajae Aboulaich , Frédéric Guyomarc'H , Mohammed Ziani
International Journal of Apllied Mathematics, 2008, 21 (3), pp.395-407
Article dans une revue hal-01582641v1

Transverse nonlinear instability of solitary waves for some Hamiltonian PDE's

Frédéric Rousset , Nikolay Tzvetkov
Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées, 2008, 90 (6), pp.550-590. ⟨10.1016/j.matpur.2008.07.004⟩
Article dans une revue hal-00458135v1

A traffic-flow model with constraints for the modeling of traffic jams

Florent Berthelin , Pierre Degond , Valérie Le Blanc , Salissou Moutari , Michel Rascle et al.
Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, 2008, 18 (suppl.), pp.1269-1298. ⟨10.1142/S0218202508003030⟩
Article dans une revue hal-00634571v1

Spectral vanishing viscosity stabilized LES of the Ahmed body turbulent wake

Eric Serre , Mathieu Minguez , Richard Pasquetti
Communications in Computational Physics, 2008, 5 (2-4), pp.635-648
Article dans une revue hal-01023286v1

A variational approach to remove multiplicative noise

Gilles Aubert , Jean-François Aujol
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 2008, 68 (4), pp.925-946
Article dans une revue hal-00260496v1

Modeling collective motion: variations on the Vicsek model

Hugues Chaté , Francesco Ginelli , Guillaume Grégoire , Fernando Peruani , Franck Raynaud et al.
The European Physical Journal B: Condensed Matter and Complex Systems, 2008, 64, pp.451-456. ⟨10.1140/epjb/e2008-00275-9⟩
Article dans une revue istex hal-01053505v1

Global existence for energy critical waves in 3-D domains

Nicolas Burq , Gilles Lebeau , Fabrice Planchon
Journal of the American Mathematical Society, 2008, 21, pp.831-845. ⟨10.1090/S0894-0347-08-00596-1⟩
Article dans une revue hal-00102524v1

Analysis of an algebraic Petrov-Galerkin smoothed aggregation multigrid method

Hervé Guillard , Aleš Janka , Petr Vaněk
Applied Numerical Mathematics, 2008, 58 (12), pp.1861-1874. ⟨10.1016/j.apnum.2007.11.008⟩
Article dans une revue hal-00871721v1

Computational models of flow in cerebral aneurisms

Marc Thiriet , Serge Piperno , Grégoire Malandain , Pascal Frey , Jacques Bittoun et al.
11th Conference of the European Society of Biomechanics, Aug 2008, Toulouse, France. pp.273-282, ⟨10.1145/1400751.1400788⟩
Communication dans un congrès inria-00615800v1

Long Time Estimates in the Mean Field Limit

Emanuele Caglioti , Frédéric Rousset
Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, 2008, 190 (3), pp.517-547. ⟨10.1007/s00205-008-0157-x⟩
Article dans une revue istex hal-00373591v1

Scattering and Inverse Scattering on ACH Manifolds

Colin Guillarmou , Antonio Sa Barreto
Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik, 2008, 622, pp.1-55
Article dans une revue hal-00250141v1

Two-dimensional global low-frequency oscillations in a separating boundary-layer flow

Uwe Ehrenstein , François Gallaire
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2008, 614, pp.315-327
Article dans une revue hal-00326123v1

An anisotropic turbulent model for solar coronal heating

B. Bigot , S. Galtier , Hélène Politano
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2008, 490, pp.325-337. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361:20079227⟩
Article dans une revue hal-00382458v1

Computational Algebraic Geometry and its Applications

Laurent Busé , Mohamed Elkadi , Bernard Mourrain
Laurent Busé, Mohamed Elkadi, Bernard Mourrain. Elsevier, 392, pp.178, 2008, Theoretical Computer Sciences
Ouvrages inria-00344404v1

Optimal perturbations and low-frequency oscillations in a separated boundary-layer flow

Uwe Ehrenstein , Francois Gallaire
5th AIAA Theoretical Fluid Mechanics Conference, Jun 2008, Seattle, United States. AIAA paper 2008-4232
Communication dans un congrès hal-00420835v1

Sulfur metabolism in plants - Regulatory aspects and Sulfur in the foos chain, agriculture and the environment, Sulfur metabolism and transport in developing seeds

Hélène Zuber , Gregoire G. Aubert , Jean-Claude Davidian , Richard Thompson , Karine Gallardo Guerrero et al.
7th Workshop "Sulfur Metabolism in Plants",, May 2008, Leiden, Poland
Communication dans un congrès hal-02756959v1

Resolvent at low energy and Riesz transform for Schrodinger operators on asymptotically conic manifolds, I

Colin Guillarmou , Andrew Hassell
Mathematische Annalen, 2008, 341 (4), pp.859-896
Article dans une revue hal-00250136v1

Curves and Abelian Varieties

Valery Alexeev , Arnaud Beauville , C. Herbert Clemens , Elham Izadi
American Mathematical Society, 465, 2008, Contemporary Mathematics, ⟨10.1090/conm/465/09099⟩
Ouvrages hal-03808383v1

Absolute continuity of Wasserstein geodesics in the Heisenberg group

A. Figalli , N. Juillet
Journal of Functional Analysis, 2008, 255 (1), pp.133-141. ⟨10.1016/j.jfa.2008.03.006⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02123423v1

Probabilistic algorithms for computing resolvent representations of regulardifferential ideals

Thomas Cluzeau , Evelyne Hubert
Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing, 2008, 19 (5), pp.365-392
Article dans une revue hal-00333270v1

Algorithmes hybrides pour l'optimisation globale : Application en forgeage

Abderrahmane Habbal , Lionel Fourment , Tien Tho Do
Revue Européenne de Mécanique Numérique/European Journal of Computational Mechanics, 2008, 17 (3), p. 303-322. ⟨10.3166/remn.17.303-322⟩
Article dans une revue hal-00834985v1

New identities in dendriform algebras

Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard , Dominique Manchon , Frédéric Patras
Journal of Algebra, 2008, 320, pp.708-727
Article dans une revue hal-00483480v1

New Enhanced Chaotic Number Generators

R. Lozi
Indian Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2008, 1 (1), pp.1-23
Article dans une revue hal-00258028v1