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The ECOSEAS laboratory specializes in fundamental and applied marine ecology. Most of the work is carried out in the Mediterranean and covers both theoretical (ecosystem functioning; species biology and ecology; modification of marine fauna and flora under the influence of global change; biological impacts of pollutants at sea; quantification of the ecological state of a coastal system) and applied fields (management of human activities in the coastal zone; eco-toxicological biomonitoring; development of monitoring networks; marine protected areas; management of artisanal fishing).

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Coastal Hétérogénéité Species distribution models Fishing impacts on vulnerable species Heavy metals contamination Bruit Ecosystem Behavioral alterations Cystoseira sl Karenia spp Habitat structure Ecological niche Herbivore exclusion Forêts marines Colonisation of artificial reefs Ecological restoration Artificial reef substrates Brevetoxins Habitat choice Forest Canopy Emerging toxins Food-web Algae Invasive species Complexity Dinoflagellés benthiques Artificial reef structure Artificial reefs Fully protected areas Colonisation des récifs artificiels Uncertainty Ostreopsis Espèces invasives Cystoseira amentacea Fishing methods Baseline Ecology Convex hull Espèces marines HABs Cystoseira compressa Ecopath Fish assemblages Small pelagic fish Habitat complexity Ambush Chromatographie en phase liquide Grazing France Fishing pressure Benthic dinoflagellates Inventory Céphalopodes Data are available from the Open Science Framework 10 Marine biotoxins Ecological niche modeling Marine noise pollution Biofilm 17605/OSF Coral reefs Mediterranean Sea Cephalopods Shellfish Food webs Guidance level Ecological niche models Future projections Ecosystem services indicators Anti-predator behavior Aquaculture Contamination en métaux lourds Habitat Edge effects Biogeographic provinces Herbivory Heterogeneity Marine forests Benthic HABs Analyse systémique Acidification des océans Benthic cover Community 3D CAD model Climate change Biotic interactions Invasive fish Efflorescences algales nuisibles History of science Changement de régimes Ecological indices Extracellular Polymeric Substances Changement climatique Hight Performance Liquid Chromatography Communautés de macroalgues Habitat structural complexity Complexité Imaging Pam Fish IO/7TE4X