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Welcome to the
GREDEG HAL Collection

The scientific project of GREDEG is entitled "New technological paradigms and societal risks: ruptures, resiliences and sustainable development". New technological paradigms are becoming an important research object in social sciences. Among them, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, messenger RNA, smart energy, etc., open both to progress as well as to major risks: as such, these technological innovations constitute disruptions, but also resiliencies, that need to be addressed in a sustainable development perspective.


The examination by a single discipline of these new technological paradigms and the related societal risks is often too limited to understand the full range of complex implications they may have for modern societies. The measures put in place to limit disruptions, increase resilience and move towards sustainable development can eventually be undersized or inappropriate. This observation motivates the development of new approaches that combine several disciplines, taking into account the systemic nature of the problems that modern societies are facing.


GREDEG is composed of 4 poles. The publications will be attached to these different poles.

* Innovation, science and technology (PIST)

* Growth, Industry and Markets (PCIM)

* Norms, Competition and Regulation (PNCR)

* History of Ideas, Cognition and Complexity (PHICC)


Publications entered as of January 1, 2023 will be identified by pole



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Collection Manager and Referent Publications :
Mai-Anh Ngo

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