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Welcome to the collection of IRIF laboratory - UMR 8243

Institut de Recherche en Informatique Fondamentale (IRIF) is a research unit co-founded by CNRS and Université Paris Cité, as UMR 8243. It results from the merging of the two research units LIAFA and PPS on January 1st, 2016. IRIF hosts one Inria project-team. IRIF is also member of Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris (FSMP), and of three regional programs: Math Innov, Computer Sciences, Quantum Technologies.

The research conducted at IRIF is based on the study and understanding of the foundations of all computer science, in order to provide innovative solutions to the current and future challenges of digital sciences. In particular, IRIF is renown for its contributions to the design and analysis of algorithms, the study of computational and data representation models, the foundations of programming languages, software development, verification, and certification. IRIF also conducts interdisciplinary research taking advantage of its scientific approach.

•This collection contains only publications submitted on the initiative of their authors and is therefore not representative of all IRIF publications. Any statistical study of this collection could only be wrong. However, IRIF encourages its members to regularly deposit their publications in this collection.•









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Distributed Computing Polynomial functor Sequent calculus Geometry of interaction Directed homotopy Proof nets Language theory Distributed decision Graph search Lattice Distributed verification Reachability Temporal path Automata Distributed algorithms Denotational semantics Lower bounds Smart contracts Transducers Decision problems Graph algorithms Opetopic set Reverse mathematics Noncrossing partitions Accessible model category Gradual typing Concurrency Automaton groups Non-wellfounded proofs Distributed systems Consensus Monoid Geometry of Interaction Linear Logic Réécriture Decidability Distance Labeling Theory of computation Linear logic Reduction operators Type theory Combinatorial topology Décision distribuée Opetope Clustering Communication complexity Coinduction Lambda calculus Quantum algorithms Formal methods BFS Dependent type theory Verification Logique linéaire Circular proofs Regular languages Proof assistants Proof theory Diameter Complexity Eccentricity Approximation algorithms Intersection types Coloring Infinite words Subtyping Graph theory Rewriting Lambda-calculus Classical logic Polygraphs Category theory Shared memory Higher categories Fixed points Separation Union types Curry-Howard Directed path Semantics Formal verification Lambda Calculus Distributed graph algorithms Coq Game semantics Topology Lambda-Calculus Combinatorial model category Authentication Catégories supérieures Software Package Installation Graph homomorphism Approximation Algorithms Conference Dynamical analysis of Algorithms Categorical semantics Combinatorial maps Proof assistant CONGEST Cut elimination