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 The HAL collection of the Fundamental and Applied Heterochemistry Laboratory (LHFA) is a self-archiving platform, allowing free access to consult and online deposit of the scientific production of the LHFA.

The LHFA in a few words :

The cornerstone of the Fundamental and Applied Heterochemistry Laboratory (LHFA) is the synthesis and study of original molecules, highly reactive species.
The activity and expertise of the LHFA have been greatly enriched and major projects related to the chemistry of heteroelements have been gradually initiated. Thus, the current research activities are centered on the molecular chemistry of p-block elements, with transversal actions in the fields of organometallic chemistry, metallic nanoparticles, catalysis, polymers and photochemistry, including interdisciplinary topics such as those relating chemistry and health.
The guideline of the laboratory is to combine advanced fundamental research (unusual chemical structures, original binding modes, new chemical transformations) with more applied aspects in high-stakes fields (catalysis, materials, nanochemistry, advanced organic synthesis), with extensive mechanistic studies. The valorization of the fundamental research is also of great interest, maintaining collaborations with different companies (SMEs, start-ups, large companies) and also the creation of a start-up by one of the LHFA teams.


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