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Relationships between Plant Defense Inducer Activities and Molecular Structure of Gallomolecules

Pascale Goupil , Elodie Peghaire , Razik Benouaret , Claire Richard , Mohamad Sleiman et al.
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2020, 68 (52), pp.15409-15417. ⟨10.1021/acs.jafc.0c05719⟩
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Fabrication of Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Nanostructures with Anodic Alumina Oxide Templates, Characterization and Biofilm Development Test for Staphylococcus epidermidis

Camille Desrousseaux , Régis Cueff , Claire Aumeran , Ghislain Garrait , Bénédicte Mailhot-Jensen et al.
PLoS ONE, 2015, 10 (8), pp.e0135632. ⟨10.1371/journal.pone.0135632⟩
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Simulated solar light irradiation of mesotrione in natural waters

A. ter Halle , C. Richard
Environmental Science and Technology, 2006, 40, pp.3842-3847
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Solution‐Phase Synthesis of Backbone‐Constrained Cationic Peptoid Hexamers with Antibacterial and Anti‐biofilm Activities

Radhe Shyam , Christiane Forestier , Nicolas Charbonnel , Olivier Roy , Claude Taillefumier et al.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2021, Eur. J. Org. Chem., 2021 (42), pp.5813-5822. ⟨10.1002/ejoc.202101155⟩
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Metagenomic and metatranscriptomic analysis for the study of clouds and aerosols.

R. Peguilhan , F. Rossi , F. Enault , L. Deguillaume , P. Amato et al.
JOBIM2021, colloque virtuel, Jul 2021, Paris, France
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Potential of preventive bioremediation to reduce environmental contamination by pesticides in an agricultural context: A case study with the herbicide 2,4-D

Louis Carles , Fabrice Martin-Laurent , Marion Devers , Aymé Spor , Nadine Rouard et al.
Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2021, 416, pp.125740. ⟨10.1016/j.jhazmat.2021.125740⟩
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Stimulation or inhibition: Leaf microbial decomposition in streams subjected to complex chemical contamination

Florent Rossi , Clarisse Mallet , Christophe Portelli , Florence Donnadieu , Frédérique Bonnemoy et al.
Science of the Total Environment, 2019, 648, pp.1371-1383. ⟨10.1016/j.scitotenv.2018.08.197⟩
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Effect of temperature on the acid–base properties of the alumina surface: Microcalorimetry and acid–base titration experiments

Jean-Pierre Morel , Nicolas Marmier , Charlotte Hurel , Nicole Morel-Desrosiers
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2006, 298 (2), pp.773-779. ⟨10.1016/j.jcis.2006.01.022⟩
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Tracking the Structural Dynamics of Hybrid Layered Double Hydroxides

Julien Pisson , Nicole Morel-Desrosiers , Jean-Pierre Morel , André de Roy , Fabrice Leroux et al.
Chemistry of Materials, 2011, 23 (6), pp.1482-1490
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Active microorganisms thrive among extremely diverse communities in cloud water

Pierre Amato , Muriel Joly , Ludovic Besaury , Anne Oudart , Najwa Taïb et al.
PLoS ONE, 2017, 12 (8), ⟨10.1371/journal.pone.0182869⟩
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Distribution des bactéries à travers le cycle de l’eau des nuages aux précipitations.

R. Peguilhan , L. Besaury , F. Rossi , F. Enault , J.-L. Baray et al.
17ème Rencontre des Microbiologistes du Pôle Clermontois, Apr 2021, Aubière, France
Conference papers hal-03574294v1

Nicosulfuron Degradation by an Ascomycete Fungus Isolated From Submerged Alnus Leaf Litter

Louis Carles , Florent Rossi , Pascale Pascale Besse, P. Besse-Hoggan Besse-Hoggan , Christelle Blavignac , Martin Leremboure et al.
Frontiers in Microbiology, 2018, 9, pp.3167. ⟨10.3389/fmicb.2018.03167⟩
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Claire Stéphane Metsopkeng , Mireille Ebiane Nougang , Antoine Tamsa Arfao , Fanny Perrière , Luciane Marlyse Moungang et al.
Bacterial Empire, 2021, pp.e484. ⟨10.36547/be.484⟩
Journal articles hal-03860479v1

Implementation of a preventive natural bioremediation process for agricultural soils to limit the pesticide diffusion into the environment.

R. Dhommee , Y. Menard , I. Batisson , P. Besse-Hoggan
EcotoxicoMicYR 2021, First international webinar of Young microbial ecotoxicology researchers, Nov 2021, Webinar, France
Conference papers hal-03572950v1

Identification of sulfonylurea biodegradation pathways enabled by a novel nicosulfuron-transforming strain Pseudomonas fluorescens SG-1: toxicity assessment and effect of formulation.

Louis Carles , Muriel Joly , Frédérique Bonnemoy , Martin Leremboure , Isabelle Batisson et al.
Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2017, 324, pp.184-193. ⟨10.1016/j.jhazmat.2016.10.048⟩
Journal articles hal-01543326v1

Metabolic response of Microbacterium sp. C448 exposed to environmental and medicinal concentrations of sulfamethazine antibiotic

Laurianne Paris , Muriel Joly , Marion Devers-Lamrani , Nadine Rouard , Didier Viala et al.
EcotoxicoMic 2020, 2nd International Conference on Microbial Ecotoxicology, Oct 2020, Montpellier, France
Conference papers hal-03038484v1

Responses of Limagne "Clay/Organic matter-rich" soil microbial communities to realistic formulated herbicide mixtures, including S-metolachlor, mesotrione and nicosulfuron

Pierre Joly , Frédérique Bonnemoy , Pascale Pascale Besse, P. Besse-Hoggan Besse-Hoggan , Fanny Perrière , Olivier Crouzet et al.
Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, 2015, 226 (12), 413, 15 p. ⟨10.1007/s11270-015-2683-0⟩
Journal articles hal-01235966v1

Influence of streambed substratum composition on stream microbial communities exposed to the fungicide tebuconazole

Florence Donnadieu , Pascale Pascale Besse, P. Besse-Hoggan Besse-Hoggan , Christiane Forestier , Joan Artigas
Freshwater Biology, 2016, 61, pp.2026-2036. ⟨10.1111/fwb.12679⟩
Journal articles hal-01479184v1

Immobilisation of bacteria onto magnetic nanoparticles for the decolorisation and degradation of azo dyes

Ayoub Nadi , Damien Boyer , Nicolas Charbonnel , Aicha Boukhriss , Christiane Forestier et al.
IET Nanobiotechnology, 2019, 13 (2), pp.144-149. ⟨10.1049/iet-nbt.2018.5026⟩
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Amperometric detection of the herbicide mesotrione based on competitive reactions at nitroreductase@layered double hydroxide bioelectrode

Slim Hidouech , Felipe Bruna , Isabelle Batisson , Pascale Pascale Besse, P. Besse-Hoggan Besse-Hoggan , Vanessa Prevot et al.
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2019, 835, pp.324-328. ⟨10.1016/j.jelechem.2019.01.054⟩
Journal articles hal-02175349v1

Bioremediation of agricultural soils: a natural preventive approach to reduce the environmental contamination by pesticides

L. Carles , A. Wauquier , P. Joly , C. Bardon , B. Combourieu et al.
EcotoxicoMic 2020, 2nd International Conference on Microbial Ecotoxicology, Oct 2020, Montpellier, France
Conference poster hal-03132966v1
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Biological properties of copper-doped biomaterials for orthopedic applications: A review of antibacterial, angiogenic and osteogenic aspects

Aurélie Jacobs , Guillaume Renaudin , Christiane Forestier , J.-M. Nedelec , Stéphane Descamps et al.
Acta Biomaterialia, 2020, 117, pp.21-39. ⟨10.1016/j.actbio.2020.09.044⟩
Journal articles hal-02984809v1

Biodegradation and toxicity of a maize herbicide mixture: mesotrione, nicosulfuron and S-metolachlor

Louis Carles , Muriel Joly , Frédérique Bonnemoy , Martin Leremboure , Florence Donnadieu et al.
Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2018, 354, pp.42 - 53. ⟨10.1016/j.jhazmat.2018.04.045⟩
Journal articles hal-01785204v1
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Environmental risk assessment of antibiotics in agroecosystems: ecotoxicological effects on aquatic microbial communities and dissemination of antimicrobial resistances and antibiotic biodegradation potential along the soil-water continuum

Fabrice Martin-Laurent , Edward Topp , Loren Billet , Isabelle Batisson , Cédric Malandain et al.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2019, 26 (18), pp.18930-18937. ⟨10.1007/s11356-019-05122-0⟩
Journal articles hal-02195477v1
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On the driving force of cation exchange in clays: Insights from combined microcalorimetry experiments and molecular simulation

Benjamin Rotenberg , Jean-Pierre Morel , Virginie Marry , Pierre Turq , Nicole Morel-Desrosiers et al.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2009, 73, pp.4034. ⟨10.1016/j.gca.2009.04.012⟩
Journal articles hal-00391354v1

Behavior of cesium and thallium cations inside a calixarene cavity as probed by nuclear spin relaxation. Evidence of cation-pi interactions in water

Diana Cuc , Sabine Bouguet-Bonnet , Nicole Morel-Desrosiers , Jean-Pierre Morel , Pierre Mutzenhardt et al.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2009, 113, pp.10800-10807
Journal articles hal-00419687v1

Acid-base properties of the alumina surface: influence of the titration procedures on the microcalorimetric results

Jean-Pierre Morel , Nicolas Marmier , Charlotte Hurel , Nicole Morel-Desrosiers
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2009, 338, pp.10-15
Journal articles hal-00419633v1
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Copper-Doped Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Powders: Dopant Release, Cytotoxicity and Antibacterial Properties

Aurélie Jacobs , Guillaume Renaudin , Nicolas Charbonnel , Jean-Marie Nedelec , Christiane Forestier et al.
Materials, 2021, 14 (9), pp.2393. ⟨10.3390/ma14092393⟩
Journal articles hal-03222652v1

Ferric iron reduction by fermentative strain BS2 isolated from an iron-rich anoxic environment (Lake Pavin, France)

Anne-Catherine Lehours , Marion Rabiet , Nicole Morel-Desrosiers , Jean-Pierre Morel , Lionel Jouve et al.
Geomicrobiology Journal, 2010, 27 (8), pp.714-722. ⟨10.1080/01490451003597663⟩
Journal articles hal-00526142v1

Experimental (X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy) and theoretical studies of benzene based organics intercalated into layered double hydroxide

S. Fleutot , Hervé Martinez , Jean-Charles Dupin , Isabelle Baraille , C. Forano et al.
Solid State Sciences, 2011, 13 (9), pp.1676--1686. ⟨10.1016/j.solidstatesciences.2011.05.007⟩
Journal articles hal-01503978v1