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Behavioural manipulation in a grasshopper harbouring hairworm: a proteomics approach

David Biron , D.G Biron , L. Marché , F. Ponton , H.D Loxdale et al.
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 2005, 272 (1577), pp.2117-2126. ⟨10.1098/rspb.2005.3213⟩
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Expression of early and late-emerging phenotypes in both diapausing and non-diapausing Delia radicum L. pupae

David Biron , X. Langlet , G. Boivin , E. Brunel
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 1998, 87 (2), pp.119-124. ⟨10.1046/j.1570-7458.1998.00313.x⟩
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Primary productivity in the recently flooded 'Sep Reservoir' (Puy-de-Dôme, France)

R. D. Tadonléké , Télesphore Sime-Ngando , Christian Amblard , Denis Sargos , J. Devaux et al.
Journal of Plankton Research, 2000, 22 (7), pp.1355-1375
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Interaction of enteropathogenic and Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli and porcine intestinal mucosa: role of intimin and Tir in adherence.

Francis Girard , Isabelle Batisson , Gad M Frankel , Josée Harel , John M Fairbrother et al.
Infection and Immunity, 2005, 73 (9), pp.6005-16. ⟨10.1128/IAI.73.9.6005-6016.2005⟩
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Planktonic biomass estimation in different ponds of the Sfax saltworks

Olfa Abid , Habib Ayadi , Alia Sellami Kamoun , Télesphore Sime-Ngando , K. Medhioub et al.
Mediterranean Coastal Environment 2, 2001, pp.999-1006
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Grazing by heterotrophic nanoflagellates on virus and bacterial sized particles in two lakes of different trophic status

Yvan Bettarel , Télesphore Sime-Ngando , Christian Amblard
Journal of Phycology, 2003, 43, pp.1-65
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Characterization, cloning and immunolocalization of a coronin homologue in Trichomonas vaginalis.

Geneviève Bricheux , Gérard Coffe , Danielle Bayle , Guy Brugerolle
European Journal of Cell Biology, 2000, 79 (6), pp.413-22. ⟨10.1078/0171-9335-00065⟩
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Immunolocalization of two hydrogenosomal enzymes of Trichomonas vaginalis.

Guy Brugerolle , Geneviève Bricheux , Gérard Coffe
Parasitology Research, 2000, 86 (1), pp.30-5
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Evidence for an uncommon alpha-actinin protein in Trichomonas vaginalis.

Geneviève Bricheux , Nathalie Pradel , Gérard Coffe , Guy Brugerolle
Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, 1998, 95 (2), pp.241-9
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Centrin-like filaments in the cytopharyngeal apparatus of the ciliatesNassula andFurgasonia: Evidence for a relationship with microtubular structures

Bernard Vigues , Marie-Pierre Blanchard , Philippe Bouchard
Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton, 1999, 43 (1), pp.72-81
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[Asymptomatic carriers of vancomycin-resistant enterococci in France. Study in an ambulatory population of young subjects].

J Cavallo , E. Hernández , P. Bouchard , H Debuysère , Y Buisson et al.
La Presse Médicale, 1997, 26 (17), pp.807
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The 5′ Untranslated Region and Gag product of Idefix, a Long Terminal Repeat-Retrotransposon from Drosophila melanogaster, Act Together To Initiate a Switch between Translated and Untranslated States of the Genomic mRNA

E. Brasset , Ar Taddei , B. Faye , Am Fausto , M Mazzini et al.
Retrovirology, 2003, 3 (1), pp.25. ⟨10.1186/1742-4690-3-25⟩
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Relative importance of nutrients and mortality factors on prokaryotic community composition in two lakes of different trophic status : microcosm experiments

Ludwig Jardillier , Delphine Boucher , Sébastien Personnic , Stéphan Jacquet , Aurélie Thénot et al.
FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 2005, 53, pp.429-443. ⟨10.1016/j.femsec.2005.01.011⟩
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Development of an integrative vector for the expression of antisense RNA in Clostridium difficile

Adam Roberts , Claire Hennequin , Mike Elmore , Anne Collignon , Tuomo Karjalainen et al.
Journal of Microbiological Methods, 2003, 55 (3), pp.617 - 624. ⟨10.1016/S0167-7012(03)00200-8⟩
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First analysis of the proteome in two nematomorph species, Paragordius tricuspidatus (Chordodidae) and Spinochordodes tellinii (Spinochordodidae)

David Biron , Cécile Joly , Laurent Marché , Nathalie Galéotti , Vincent Calcagno et al.
Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 2005, 5 (2), pp.167-175. ⟨10.1016/j.meegid.2004.09.003⟩
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Ecological implications of changes in cell size and photosynthetic capacity of marine Prymnesiophyceae induced by ultraviolet-B radiation

B. Mostajir , Télesphore Sime-Ngando , S. Demers , C. Belzile , Sylvaine Roy et al.
Marine Ecology Progress Series, 1999, 187, pp.89-100
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A preliminary study of heterotrophic picoflagellates using oligonucleotidic probes in Lake Pavin

Emilie Lefèvre , Jean-François Carrias , Corinne Bardot , Télesphore Sime-Ngando , Christian Amblard et al.
Hydrobiologia, 2005, 551, pp.61-67
Journal articles hal-00527490v1

Microbial food webs in boreal humic lakes and reservoirs: ciliates as a major factor related to the dynamics of the most active bacteria

R. D. Tadonleke , D. Planas , M. Lucotte
Microbial ecology, 2005, 49 (2), pp.325-41
Journal articles hal-01663240v1

Estimates of protozoan- and viral-mediated mortality of bacterioplankton in Lake Bourget (France)

Stéphan Jacquet , Isabelle Domaizon , Sébastien Personnic , Angia Sriram Pradeep Ram , Mikal Hedal et al.
Freshwater Biology, 2005, 50 (4), pp.627-645
Journal articles hal-00527477v1

Importance des virus en milieu lacustre

Solange Duhamel , Sébastien Personnic , Stéphan Jacquet , Télesphore Sime-Ngando , B. Delmas et al.
INRA Mensuel, 2005, 122, pp.8-9
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Importance des virus dans la structure et le fonctionnement des réseaux trophiques microbiens aquatiques

Télesphore Sime-Ngando
Annee Biologique, 1997, 36 (3), pp.181-210
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Nest Site Selection by Two Polistine Wasps: The Influence of Acacia-Pseudomyrmex Associations Against Predation by Army Ants (Hymenoptera)

Alain Dejean , Jérôme Orivel , Bruno Corbara , Ingrid Olmsted , Jean-Paul Lachaud et al.
Sociobiology, 2001, 37 (1), pp.135-146
Journal articles hal-02131597v1

The membrane skeleton of Tetrahymena contains immunoanalogs of GFAP, the intermediate filament protein expressed in astrocytes and cells of glial origin

Philippe Bouchard , Bernard Vigues , Marie-Héléne Ruchaud , Viviane Ravet
European Journal of Protistology, 1998, 34 (2), pp.138-147. ⟨10.1016/S0932-4739(98)80024-2⟩
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Bacillus thermoamylovorans sp. nov., a Moderately Thermophilic and Amylolytic Bacterium

Yannick Combet-Blanc , B. Ollivier , C. Streicher , B. Patel , P. Dwivedi et al.
International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology, 1995, 45 (1), pp.9 - 16. ⟨10.1099/00207713-45-1-9⟩
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Characterization of the novel factor paa involved in the early steps of the adhesion mechanism of attaching and effacing Escherichia coli.

Isabelle Batisson , Marie-Pierre Guimond , Francis Girard , Hongyan An , Chengru Zhu et al.
Infection and Immunity, 2003, 71 (8), pp.4516-25
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Host–parasite relations and seasonal occurrence of Paragordius tricuspidatus and Spinochordodes tellinii (Nematomorpha) in Southern France

Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa , David Biron , Cécile Joly , Frederic Thomas
Zoologischer Anzeiger, 2005, 244 (1), pp.51-57. ⟨10.1016/j.jcz.2005.04.002⟩
Journal articles istex hal-02308189v1

Genetic variability and expression of phenological and morphological differences in populations of Delia radicum (Diptera: Anthomyiidae)

David Biron , D.G. Biron , D. Coderre , G. Boivin , E. Brunel et al.
Canadian Entomologist, 2002, 134 (3), pp.311-327. ⟨10.4039/Ent134311-3⟩
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An assessment of the impact of Mingoa Stream input to the bacteriological quality of the Municipal Lake of Yaoundé (Cameroon)

Louis-B Jugnia , Télesphore Sime-Ngando
Water Resources Management, 2001, 15 (3), pp.203-209
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Variations spatiales et temporelles de la richesse et de l'abondance des rotifères (Brachionidae et Trichocercidae) et des cladocères dans un petit lac artificiel eutrophe situé en zone tropicale = Spatial and temporal variations in the richness and abundance of rotifer (Brachionidae and Trichocercidae) and cladoceran communities in a small artificial eutrophic tropical lake

Zébazé Tougouet S.H , T. Njine , N. Kemka , M. Nola , Foto Menbohan S. et al.
Revue des Sciences de l'Eau / Journal of Water Science, 2005, 18 (4), pp.485-505
Journal articles hal-00527499v1

The microbial loop in the Sfax saltworks (Tunisia): quantitative importance of ciliated protozoa and bacteria

Néji Toumi , Habib Ayadi , Télesphore Sime-Ngando , Ridha Amdouni , Christian Amblard et al.
Mediterranean Coastal Environment 2, 2001, pp.1017-1024
Journal articles hal-00528563v1