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New predictions from the logotropic model

Pierre-Henri Chavanis
Phys.Dark Univ., 2019, 24, pp.100271. ⟨10.1016/j.dark.2019.100271⟩
Journal articles hal-01921690v1
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Joint measurability of quantum effects and the matrix diamond

Andreas Bluhm , Ion Nechita
Journal of Mathematical Physics, 2018, 59 (11), pp.112202. ⟨10.1063/1.5049125⟩
Journal articles hal-01955274v1
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Optical properties of periodic systems within the current-current response framework: pitfalls and remedies

Davide Sangalli , Arjan Berger , Claudio Attaccalite , Myrta Gruning , Pina Romaniello et al.
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1998-2015), 2017, 95 (15), pp.155203. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevB.95.155203⟩
Journal articles hal-01444894v1
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Multi-cultural Wikipedia mining of geopolitics interactions leveraging reduced Google matrix analysis

Klaus M. Frahm , Samer El Zant , Katia Jaffrès-Runser , Dima Shepelyansky
Physics Letters A, 2017, 381 (33), pp.2677-2685. ⟨10.1016/j.physleta.2017.06.021⟩
Journal articles hal-01422586v1
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On symmetric decompositions of positive operators

Maria Anastasia Jivulescu , Ion Nechita , Gavruta Pasc
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 2017, 50 (16), pp.165303. ⟨10.1088/1751-8121/aa6469⟩
Journal articles hal-01527399v1
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Dynamics and disorder in quantum antiferromagnets

Maxime Dupont
Condensed Matter [cond-mat]. Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III, 2018. English. ⟨NNT : 2018TOU30092⟩
Theses tel-01946267v2
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Effects of information quantity and quality on collective decisions in human groups

Bertrand Jayles
Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability []. Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III, 2017. English. ⟨NNT : 2017TOU30367⟩
Theses tel-02009806v1
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Tensor Network Methods for SU(N) Spin Systems

Olivier Gauthé
Quantum Physics [quant-ph]. Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III, 2019. English. ⟨NNT : 2019TOU30279⟩
Theses tel-02879477v2
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NMR relaxation in the spin-1 Heisenberg chain

Sylvain Capponi , Maxime Dupont , Anders W Sandvik , Pinaki Sengupta
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1998-2015), 2019, 100 (9), pp.094411. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevB.100.094411⟩
Journal articles hal-02292630v1
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Wikipedia network analysis of cancer interactions and world influence

Guillaume Rollin , José Lages , Dima Shepelyansky
PLoS ONE, 2019, 14 (9), pp.e0222508. ⟨10.1371/journal.pone.0222508⟩
Journal articles hal-02469377v1
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Zeeman spin-orbit coupling in antiferromagnetic conductors

Revaz Ramazashvili
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 2019, 128, pp.65-74. ⟨10.1016/j.jpcs.2018.09.033⟩
Journal articles hal-02156761v1
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Haldane phases with ultracold fermionic atoms in double-well optical lattices

P. Fromholz , Sylvain Capponi , P. Lecheminant , David Papoular , K. Totsuka et al.
Phys.Rev.B, 2019, 99 (5), pp.054414. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevB.99.054414⟩
Journal articles hal-02058539v1
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De la difficulté d'enseigner la modélisation à un public hétérogène de physiciens, de mécaniciens et de chimistes. Apprentissage par projet dans le contexte d'un module pluridisciplinaire en deuxième année de Master.

Franck Jolibois , Patricia Cathalifaud , Nicolas Destainville , Matthieu Nodot , Marion Noël et al.
10ème colloque "Questions de pédagogies dans l’enseignement supérieur", ENSTA Bretagne, IMT-A, UBO, Jun 2019, BREST, France
Conference papers hal-02178939v1
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Josephson ladders as a model system for 1D quantum phase transitions

Matthew T. Bell , Benoît Douçot , Michael E. Gershenson , Lev B. Ioffe , Aleksandra Petković et al.
Comptes Rendus. Physique, 2018, 19 (6), pp.484-497. ⟨10.1016/j.crhy.2018.09.002⟩
Journal articles hal-01952997v1
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Interactions of pharmaceutical companies with world countries, cancers and rare diseases from Wikipedia network analysis

Guillaume Rollin , José Lages , Tatiana S Serebriyskaya , Dima Shepelyansky
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-02115530v1
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Modeling of DNA transport in viscoelastic electro-hydrodynamic flows for enhanced size separation

Bayan Chami , Marius Socol , Manoel Manghi , Aurélien Bancaud
Soft Matter, 2018, 14 (24), pp.5069-5079. ⟨10.1039/C8SM00611C⟩
Journal articles hal-01915345v1
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Scaling theory of the Anderson transition in random graphs: ergodicity and universality

Ignacio Garcia-Mata , Olivier Giraud , Bertrand Georgeot , John Martin , Rémy Dubertrand et al.
Physical Review Letters, 2017, 118 (16), pp.166801. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevLett.118.166801⟩
Journal articles hal-01366432v1
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Full statistics of erasure processes: Isothermal adiabatic theory and a statistical Landauer principle

Tristan Benoist , Martin Fraas , Vojkan Jaksic , Claude-Alain Pillet
Revue roumaine de mathématiques pures et appliquées, 2017, 62 (1), pp.P.259-286
Journal articles hal-01265015v1
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Statistical Mechanics of Self-Gravitating Systems in General Relativity JURY

Giuseppe Alberti
General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology [gr-qc]. Université Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier, 2017. English. ⟨NNT : ⟩
Theses tel-01720712v1
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On entropy production of repeated quantum measurements I. General theory

Tristan Benoist , Vojkan Jaksic , Yan Pautrat , Claude-Alain Pillet
Communications in Mathematical Physics, 2018, 357 (1), pp.77-123. ⟨10.1007/s00220-017-2947-1⟩
Journal articles hal-01341097v1
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The secular evolution of discrete quasi-Keplerian systems

Jean-Baptiste Fouvry , Christophe Pichon , Pierre-Henri Chavanis
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2018, 609, pp.A38. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361/201731088⟩
Journal articles hal-01695582v1
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Wikipedia network analysis of cancer interactions and world influence

Guillaume Rollin , José Lages , Dima Shepelyansky
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-01995980v1
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Dependence of DNA Persistence Length on Ionic Strength and Ion Type

Sébastien Guilbaud , Laurence Salomé , Nicolas Destainville , Manoel Manghi , Catherine Tardin et al.
Physical Review Letters, 2019, 122 (2), pp.028102. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevLett.122.028102⟩
Journal articles hal-02024889v1
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How does temperature impact the conformation of single DNA molecules below melting temperature?

Annaël Brunet , Laurence Salomé , Philippe Rousseau , Nicolas Destainville , Manoel Manghi et al.
Nucleic Acids Research, 2018, 46 (4), pp.2074-2081. ⟨10.1093/nar/gkx1285⟩
Journal articles hal-01743602v1
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Chaos-assisted tunneling in the presence of Anderson localization

Elmer V H Doggen , Bertrand Georgeot , Gabriel Lemarié
Physical Review E , 2017, 96 (4), pp.040201. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevE.96.040201⟩
Journal articles hal-01375557v1
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Control of fluctuations and heavy tails for heat variation in the two-time measurement framework

Tristan Benoist , Annalisa Panati , Renaud Raquépas
Annales Henri Poincaré, 2019, 20 (2), pp.631-674. ⟨10.1007/s00023-018-0743-x⟩
Journal articles hal-01703374v2
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Energy required to pinch a DNA plectoneme

Céline Barde , Nicolas Destainville , Manoel Manghi
Physical Review E , 2018, 97 (3), pp.032412. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevE.97.032412⟩
Journal articles hal-01774951v1
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Ising-PageRank model of opinion formation on social networks

Klaus M. Frahm , Dima Shepelyansky
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 2019, 526, pp.121069. ⟨10.1016/j.physa.2019.121069⟩
Journal articles hal-01927647v1
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Exact Results for the Boundary Energy of One-Dimensional Bosons

Benjamin Reichert , Grigori E Astrakharchik , Aleksandra Petković , Zoran Ristivojevic
Physical Review Letters, 2019, 123 (25), pp.250602. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevLett.123.250602⟩
Journal articles hal-02399446v1
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Fluctuation-induced potential for an impurity in a semi-infinite one-dimensional Bose gas

Benjamin Reichert , Aleksandra Petković , Zoran Ristivojevic
Phys.Rev.B, 2019, 100 (23), pp.235431. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevB.100.235431⟩
Journal articles hal-02399470v1