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Almost sure invariance principle Prediction Image registration Anisotropy Survival Gaussian fields Image restoration Global existence Estimation Total variation Epidemic control Diffusion processes Interacting particle systems Condensation Extreme-value statistics Extremes Adaptive estimation Hydrodynamic limit Robustness Density estimation Deterministic model Euler characteristic Regression Stochastic differential equations Sanskrit Facial reconstruction Asymptotic convergence Elasticity Model selection Variational inference Contact tracing EM algorithm Optimal Transport Random fields Consistency Clustering Wasserstein distance Stationary sequences Hippocampus Fractional Brownian motion Recurrent events Laguerre basis Mixture models Diffusion process Denoising Empirical processes Optimal transport Occupational exposure Markov chain Stochastic partial differential equations Survival analysis Censored data Gaussian process Crossings LDDMM Rate of convergence Estimating equations Martingales Hermite basis Random matrices Blow-up Image denoising Hypothesis testing Discrete observations Projection estimators Image processing Excursion sets Cross-validation Hidden Markov model Inverse problem Mathématiques Empirical process Breast cancer Hermite polynomials Poisson point process Fourier transform Central limit theorem Classification Hidden Markov models Gaussian processes Stochastic geometry Penalized contrast Discrete time observations Epidemiology Deconvolution Cell polarisation Texture synthesis MPEG Phase transition Cox model Parametric inference Inverse problems Nonparametric estimation Percolation Boolean model Homogenization Asymptotic normality Vaccine Moment inequalities Mathematics