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« Multiscale Modeling and Simulation » (MSME) - UMR 8208 CNRS


Salah Naili

Deputy Director

Qi-Chang He




Teams and research areas

  • Theoretical chemistry (M. Hochlaf): Electronic structure of molecules and clusters - Bound states and spectroscopy - Time dependent phenomena, quantum dynamics, molecular dynamics.
  • Mechanics (J. Yvonnet): Multiscale-multiphysics modeling and simulation in mechanics of materials - Modeling, simulation and uncertainties in structural dynamics, vibrations and coupled systems.
  • Heat and mass transfer (E. Chenier): Heat and mass transfer in porous media and in Newtonian fluids.
  • Biomechanics (T. Lemaire): Mechanical transduction and mechanics of adaptation, remodeling and growth of live tissues - Characterization of live tissues.

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