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PROMES is a Research Unit of CNRS (UPR 8521) belonging to the Institute for Engineering and Systems Sciences ( (INSIS) under contract with the University of Perpignan (UPVD). The laboratory is located in three sites: Odeillo-Font Romeu (1 MW CNRS Solar furnace), Targasonne (Themis site, 5 MW central receiver solar facility, a site of “Pyrénées Orientales” Council) and Perpignan, Tecnosud. CNRS and UPVD have created the IN’SOL Unit devoted to solar innovations that is supported by PROMES in Tecnosud site that develops the Solar test platform of Perpignan (CESP). PROMES is the leader of the laboratory of excellence SOLSTICE (Solar Energy: Science, Technology and Innovation for Energy Conversion).

PROMES Management team is composed of Francoise Bataille, Director, and 4 Deputy Directors. The laboratory staff is composed of 150 persons from CNRS and UPVD working together on a common subject, solar energy and its use as a source of energy and high temperatures.
Research at PROMES is organized in 3 major unifying Themes:
– Material for Energy and Space
– Next Generation of Solar Power Plants
– Storage and Solar Chemistry
and 6 departments.
A collective reflection work is underway to integrate the 8 current research teams into the unifying themes.

One of the original missions of PROMES is to develop researches with the large scale concentrating facilities of CNRS in Font Romeu (particularly solar furnaces) and of “Pyrénées Orientales” Council in Targasonne (Themis central receiver plant). These researches may be carried up to the demonstrator level as done for the PEGASE project. Moreover, the laboratory is in charge of the development of the National Platform on concentrated solar energy thanks to the “equipment of excellence” SOCRATE project (Concentrated solar energy, advanced researches and energy technologies). It is also very active in the management of the DERBI competitiveness cluster. PROMES leads the laboratory of excellence SOLSTICE.

Access to the PROMES unique facilities for the European research community is open thanks to the European projects SFERA3 and EU-SOLARIS. Strongly connected to the European research, PROMES coordinates the H2020 projects Next-CSP and POLYPHEM devoted to the development of new concepts for solar power plants, and is a partner in the IMPROVEMENT and MINISTOR projects.


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- Odeillo Site: PROMES - CNRS 7, rue du Four Solaire 66120 Font Romeu Odeillo FRANCE

- Tecnosud site: PROMES-CNRS Tecnosud Rambla de la thermodynamique 66100 PERPIGNAN FRANCE


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