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Welcome to the RIATE collection

Center for Spatial Analysis and Geovisualization


This collection references all the work that has contributed to the members of the RIATE. It brings together main outputs from projects (reports, expertises) and scientific communications (articles, conference proceedings) around the RIATE's areas of expertise: geomatics, geovisualization, territorial observation, harmonization of European data, spatial analysis and open science. This collection thus gives a good overview of the past and present fields of investigation carried out by the members of the laboratory.

RIATE is a Support and Research Unit of the CNRS and the Université Paris Cité. It develops tools and methods for the processing and visualization of spatial data. It contributes to the dissemination and sharing knowledge in the field of geographic information sciences. It implementends tools and methods for spatial analysis through participation in research or expert assessment projects. RIATE's activities are part of a reproducible research approach encouraging the production and dissemination of free and open source data and methodologies, with expertise anchored in the field of digital humanities.