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A first glimpse into butchery practices in Pre-Pottery Neolithic Cyprus : evidence on sheep and goat remains from six sites

Angelos Hadjikoumis , Paul Croft , Alan Simmons , Jean Guilaine , Edgar Peltemburg et al.
Nouvelles données sur les débuts du Néolithique à Chypre/ New Data on the beginnings of the Neolithic in Cyprus, Mar 2015, Paris, France. pp.199-213
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Recension de CLARE L. 2016. Culture Change and Continuity in the Eastern Mediterranean during Rapid Climate Change. Assessing the vulnerability of Late Neolithic Communities to a ‘Little Ice Age’ in the seventh millennium cal BC. Rahden/Westf.: Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH (Kölner Studien zur Prähistorischen Archäologie 7)

Alain Le Brun
Paléorient, 2017, 43 (2), pp.183-185
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Voulu ou accidentel, l'abandon à Khirokitia (Chypre VIIe-VIe millénaires) de plusieurs constructions à la fin du niveau C

Alain Le Brun
Jean-Denis Vigne, François Briois, Margareta Tengberg. Nouvelles données sur les débuts du Néolithique à Chypre, Société préhistorique française, pp.167-182, 2017, Actes de la Séance de la Société préhistorique française 9, 2-913745-69-5
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Weather forecast: heavy rains over Khirokitia (Late Aceramic Neolithic, Cyprus)

Alain Le Brun
A. McCarthy. Environment landscape and society: diachronic perspectives on settlement patterns in Cyprus, Proceedings of the CAARI conference, Nicosia February 18-19, 2017., In press, ASOR Archaeological Reports
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Suse. Sondage stratigraphique de l'Acropole 1: couches 21 à 18 (campagnes 1977-1979.

Alain Le Brun
De Boccard, 2021, Travaux de la Maison de l'Archéologie et de l'Ethnologie, René-Ginouvès 28, 978-2701805429
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Khirokitia on the move: A Late Aceramic Neolithic site in Cyprus

Alain Le Brun
Near Eastern lithic technologies on the move. Interactions and contexts in Neolithic traditions, Proceedings of the eighth International Conference on PPN Chipped and Ground Stone Industries of the Near East, Åstrőm Editions, pp.13-18, 2019, Studies of Mediterranean Archaeology CL, 9789925745531
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Un goût de revenez-y

Alain Le Brun
Despina Pilides, Maria Mina. Four Decades of Hiatus in Archaeological Research in Cyprus. Towards Restoring the Balance, Verlag Holzhausen, pp.66-71, 2017, Κυπριακά - Forschungen zum Antiken Zypern - Band 2, 978-3-903207-03-5
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Changing with the years: Khirokitia (Cyprus) at the turn of the seventh-sixth millennium BC

Alain Le Brun , Odile Daune-Le Brun , Fouad Hourani
P. F. Biehl & E. Rosenstock. 6000 BC: transformation and change in the Near East and Europe, Cambridge University Press, pp.66-80, 2022, ISBN-13 978-1107042957
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Fouilles récentes à Khirokitia (Chypre) 1993-2009

Alain Le Brun
Département des Antiquités, Chypre, 2021, 9789963364763
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Recension de BECKER J., BEUGER C. et MÜLLER-NEUHOF E. (éd.) – Human iconography and symbolic meaning in Near Eastern Prehistory. Proceedings of the workshop held at 10th ICAANE in Vienna, April 2016

Alain Le Brun
Paléorient, 2021, 47 (2), pp.200-201. ⟨10.4000/paleorient.1340⟩
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Facing the problem of translating material data into behavioral patterns: 24 hours of the daily life in a Neolithic Village, Khirokitia (Cyprus)

Alain Le Brun
Everyday life in prehistoric Cyprus (ca. 10000-1700 BC), Proceedings of the International Conference, Athens, 2021, In press, Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology (SIMA)
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Exploitation and use of fruit trees during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic in Cyprus

Maria Rousou , Parés Andréa , Margareta Tengberg , Odile Daune-Le Brun , Alain Le Brun et al.
19th Conference of the International Workgroup for Palaeoethnobotany (IWGP), Jun 2022, České Budějovice, Czech Republic
Conference papers hal-03947503v1