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Macromolecular Design via the Interchange of Xanthates : Design, Scope, and Applications

Daniel Taton , Mathias Destarac , Samir Z. Zard
Christopher Barner-Kowollik. Handbook of RAFT Polymerization, Wiley, pp.373-421, 2008, 978-3-527-62276-4
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Macromolecular design by interchange of xanthates : background, design, scope and applications

Mathias Destarac , Daniel Taton
Macromolecular design by interchange of xanthates : background, design, scope and applications, Christopher BARNER-KOWOLLIK, pp.373-421, 2008
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Dernières avancées en polymérisation radicalaire contrôlée par addition-fragmentation réversible RAFT/MADIX

Mathias Destarac
Dernières avancées en polymérisation radicalaire contrôlée par addition-fragmentation réversible RAFT/MADIX, May 2008, TOULOUSE, France
Conference papers hal-00380297v1

Polymérisation radicalaire contrôlée par addition-fragmentation réversible (Raft/Madix) : des fondements au développement industriel

Mathias Destarac
Polymérisation radicalaire contrôlée par addition-fragmentation réversible (Raft/Madix) : des fondements au développement industriel, Apr 2008, France
Conference papers hal-00346410v1

Madix polymerization of vinyl phosphonates

Mathias Destarac , E. van Gramberen , Xavier Vila
5th Controlled/living Radical Polymerization Symposium, Aug 2008, Philadelphia, United States. pp.POLY 321
Conference papers hal-00965276v1

Various Strategies for the Chemical Transformation of Xanthate-Functional Chain Termini in MADIX (Co)polymers.

Mathias Destarac , Chakib Kalai , Agnieszka Wilczewska , Laurence Petit , Eric van Gramberen et al.
Krzysztof Matyjaszewski. Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization, 644, American Chemical Society, pp.564-577, 2006, ACS Symposium Series, Vol. 944, 9780841239913. ⟨10.1021/bk-2006-0944.ch038⟩
Book sections hal-00109787v1

Synthesis and characterization of diaminodithio- and aminotrithiophosphoric acid esters

Patrice Marchand , Anca Meffre , Bruno Donnadieu , Daniel Taton , Yves Gnanou et al.
Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements, 2007, 182 (6), pp.1233-1244. ⟨10.1080/10426500601160694⟩
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Système catalytique de polymérisation à base de borohydrure activé

Michael Mainil , Marc Visseaux , André Mortreux , Mathias Destarac , Thomas Mathivet et al.
N° de brevet: BFF 06P0296. 2008
Patents hal-00265844v1

Enhanced Control of Phosphinoylcarbodithioate-Mediated RAFT Polymerization: Key Role of Substituents at the Phosphorus Center

Ihor Kulai , Zoia Voitenko , Stéphane Mazières , Mathias Destarac
Macromolecules, 2019, 52 (21), pp.8323-8331. ⟨10.1021/acs.macromol.9b01642⟩
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Impact of polyacrylamide adsorption on flow through porous siliceous materials: State of the art, discussion and industrial concern

H Bessaies-Bey , J Fusier , Simon Harrisson , Mathias Destarac , S Jouenne et al.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2018, 531, pp.693-704. ⟨10.1016/j.jcis.2018.07.103⟩
Journal articles hal-01894835v1

Thiolactone-Functional Reversible Deactivation Radical Polymerization Agents for Advanced Macromolecular Engineering

Marvin Langlais , Olivier Coutelier , Mathias Destarac
Macromolecules, 2018, 51 (11), pp.4315-4324. ⟨10.1021/acs.macromol.8b00770⟩
Journal articles hal-02194903v1

Understanding the Role of ω-End Groups and Molecular Weight in the Interaction of PNIPAM with Gold Surfaces

Arnaud Glaria , Mariana Beija , Romain Bordes , Mathias Destarac , Jean-Daniel Marty et al.
Chemistry of Materials, 2013, 25 (9), pp.1868-1876. ⟨10.1021/cm400480p⟩
Journal articles hal-02195694v1

Dithiocarbamates as universal reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer agents

Mathias Destarac , D. Charmot , X. Franck , Samir Z. Zard
Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2000, 21 (15), pp.1035-1039. ⟨10.1002/1521-3927(20001001)21:15<1035::AID-MARC1035>3.0.CO;2-5⟩
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Selective and Quantitative Oxidation of Xanthate End-Groups of RAFT Poly( n -butyl acrylate) Latexes by Ozonolysis

Dimitri Matioszek , Pierre-Emmanuel Dufils , Jérôme Vinas , Mathias Destarac
Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2015, 36 (14), pp.1354-1361. ⟨10.1002/marc.201500115⟩
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Mechanistic insights into the formation of polyion complex aggregates from cationic thermoresponsive diblock copolymers

E. Read , Barbara Lonetti , Stéphane Gineste , A.T. Sutton , E. Di Cola et al.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2021, 590, pp.268-276. ⟨10.1016/j.jcis.2021.01.028⟩
Journal articles hal-03130969v1

A Comprehensive Investigation into "Controlled/Living" Chain Growth Crosslinking Copolymerization Including a Back to Basics Modeling

Julien Poly , James D. Wilson , Mathias Destarac , Daniel Taton
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 2009, 47 (20), pp.5313-5327. ⟨10.1002/pola.23580⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00398658v1

Enhanced Stabilization of Water/scCO 2 Interface by Block-Like Spontaneous Gradient Copolymers

Xuan Liu , Mingxi Wang , Simon Harrisson , Antoine Debuigne , Jean-Daniel Marty et al.
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2017, 5 (11), pp.9645-9650. ⟨10.1021/acssuschemeng.7b02779⟩
Journal articles hal-02194962v1

Two Pathways of Thiolactone Incorporation into Polyurethanes and Their One-Pot Double Postfunctionalization

Iwona Misztalewska-Turkowicz , Olivier Coutelier , Mathias Destarac
Macromolecules, 2020, 53 (24), pp.10785-10795. ⟨10.1021/acs.macromol.0c01779⟩
Journal articles hal-03114588v1

Activation of the hydrolytic polymerization of epsilon-caprolactam by ester functions: Straightforward route to aliphatic polyesteramides

Gaëlle Deshayes , Cécile Delcourt , Ingrid Verbruggen , Lise Trouillet-Fonti , Franck Touraud et al.
Reactive and Functional Polymers, 2008, 68 (9), pp.1392-1407
Journal articles hal-00373802v1

Opening of epoxy cycles by carbenes

Antoine Baceiredo , Mathias Destarac , Yves Gnanou , Gerard Mignani , Daniel Taton et al.
Patent n° : WO2009/013344. 2009
Patents hal-00444699v1

Reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer polymerization : from RAFT agent design to the industrial production of block copolymers

Mathias Destarac
Reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer polymerization : from RAFT agent design to the industrial production of block copolymers, Feb 2009, SIDNEY, Australia
Conference papers hal-00389365v1

Stimuli-responsive gold nanohybrids: chemical synthesis and electrostatic directed assembly on surfaces by AFM nanoxerography

Stéphane Lemonier , Pierre Moutet , Wissam Moussa , Mathias Destarac , Laurence Ressier et al.
Gold Bulletin : The journal of gold science, technology and applications , 2013, 46 (4), pp.267-274. ⟨10.1007/s13404-013-0114-9⟩
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Highly Stable Layered Double Hydroxide Colloids: A Direct Aqueous Synthesis Route from Hybrid Polyion Complex Micelles

Géraldine Layrac , Mathias Destarac , Corine Gerardin , Didier Tichit
Langmuir, 2014, 30 (32), pp.9663-9671. ⟨10.1021/la502159x⟩
Journal articles hal-01081839v1
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Well-Defined P III -Terminated Polymers from Phosphorylated Carbodithioate RAFT Agents

Andrii Karpus , Simon Harrisson , Rinaldo Poli , Stéphane Mazières , Eric Manoury et al.
Macromolecules, 2021, 54 (6), pp.2627-2636. ⟨10.1021/acs.macromol.0c02805⟩
Journal articles hal-03200586v1

Influence of macromolecular characteristics of RAFT/MADIX poly(vinyl acetate)-based (co)polymers on their solubility in supercritical carbon dioxide

Etienne Girard , Thierry Tassaing , Jean-Daniel Marty , Mathias Destarac
Polymer Chemistry, 2011, 2 (10), pp.2222. ⟨10.1039/C1PY00209K⟩
Journal articles hal-03124668v1

MADIX synthesis of P(DADMAC) -based hydrophilic block copolymers

Mathias Destarac , E. van Gramberen , C. Boutin , S. Chadel , A. Guinaudeau et al.
MADIX synthesis of P(DADMAC) -based hydrophilic block copolymers, Feb 2009, eauze, France
Conference papers hal-00379419v1

Industrial development of reversible-deactivation radical polymerization: is the induction period over?

Mathias Destarac
Polymer Chemistry, 2018, 9 (40), pp.4947-4967. ⟨10.1039/C8PY00970H⟩
Journal articles hal-02194485v1

Phosphonate-Terminated Poly(vinyl acetate) Synthesized by RAFT/MADIX Polymerization

Ghislain David , Pierre-Emmanuel Dulifs , Bernard Boutevin , Gary Woodward , Graham Otter et al.
Journal of polymer science. Part A-1, Polymer chemistry, 2012, 50, pp.1997-2007. ⟨10.1002/pola.25974⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00686413v1

Advantages of poly(vinyl phosphonic acid)-based double hydrophilic block copolymers for the stabilization of iron oxide nanoparticles

K. Markiewicz , L. Seiler , I. Misztalewska , K. Winkler , Simon Harrisson et al.
Polymer Chemistry, 2016, 7 (41), pp.6391-6399. ⟨10.1039/C6PY01558A⟩
Journal articles hal-02195542v1

Recent advances in the MADIX process

Mathias Destarac , Wojciech Bzducha , Samir Z. Zard
Controlled/living Radical Polymerization Symposium, The 230th ACS National Meeting, Aug 2005, Washington, United States. pp.POLY 730
Conference papers hal-00965879v1