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Protein Kinase CK2 Acts as a Molecular Brake to Control NADPH Oxidase 1 Activation and Colon Inflammation

Dan Liu , Jean-Claude Marie , Anne-Laure Pelletier , Zhuoyao Song , Marwa Ben-Khemis et al.
Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2022, 13 (4), pp.1073 - 1093. ⟨10.1016/j.jcmgh.2022.01.003⟩
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Crosstalk between Acidosis and Iron Metabolism: Data from In Vivo Studies

Raêd Daher , Nicolas Ducrot , Thibaud Lefebvre , Sofia Zineeddine , Jérome Ausseil et al.
Metabolites, 2022, 12 (2), pp.89. ⟨10.3390/metabo12020089⟩
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Similar performance of liver stiffness measurement and liver surface nodularity for the detection of portal hypertension in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Alexandra Souhami , Riccardo Sartoris , Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou , François Cauchy , Mohamed Bouattour et al.
JHEP Reports Innovation in Hepatology, 2020, 2, pp.100147 -. ⟨10.1016/j.jhepr.2020.100147⟩
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Clinical phenotype and cytokine profile of adult IgA vasculitis with joint involvement

Alice Delapierre , Benjamin Terrier , Evangéline Pillebout , Pauline Baudart , Noémie Jourde-Chiche et al.
Clinical Rheumatology, 2022, 41 (5), pp.1483-1491. ⟨10.1007/s10067-021-05937-8⟩
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Sofosbuvir-Daclatasvir Is Suboptimal in Patients with Genotype 2 Chronic Hepatitis C Infection: Real-life Experience from the HEPATHER ANRS CO22 Cohort

Victor Lédinghen , Clovis Lusivika-Nzinga , Jean-Pierre Bronowicki , Fabien Zoulim , Dominique Larrey et al.
Journal of Viral Hepatitis, 2020, 27 (10), pp.964--973. ⟨10.1111/jvh.13321⟩
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Influence of surgical approach and quality of resection on the probability of cure for early-stage HCC occurring in cirrhosis

Christian Hobeika , Jean Charles Nault , Louise Barbier , Lilian Schwarz , Chetana Lim et al.
JHEP Reports Innovation in Hepatology, 2020, 2 (6), pp.100153. ⟨10.1016/j.jhepr.2020.100153⟩
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A series of severe neurologic complications after bariatric surgery in France: the NEUROBAR Study

Maud Alligier , Anne-Laure Borel , Véronique Savey , Claire Rives-Lange , Marie-Claude Brindisi et al.
Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases, 2020, 16 (10), pp.1429-1435. ⟨10.1016/j.soard.2020.05.031⟩
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Mast cells drive pathologic vascular lesions in Takayasu arteritis

Alexandre Le Joncour , Anne-Claire Desbois , Aurélie Leroyer , Edwige Tellier , Paul Régnier et al.
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2022, 149 (1), ⟨10.1016/j.jaci.2021.05.003⟩
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Recruitment of CXCR3+ T cells into injured tissues in adult IgA vasculitis patients correlates with disease activity

Alexandra Audemard-Verger , Evangéline Pillebout , Agnès Jamin , Laureline Berthelot , Cédric Aufray et al.
Journal of Autoimmunity, 2019, 99, pp.73-80. ⟨10.1016/j.jaut.2019.01.012⟩
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CARD9 in neutrophils protects from colitis and controls mitochondrial metabolism and cell survival

Camille DANNE , Chloé Michaudel , Jurate Skerniskyte , Julien Planchais , Aurélie Magniez et al.
Gut, 2022, pp.gutjnl-2022-326917. ⟨10.1136/gutjnl-2022-326917⟩
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Reliability Criteria of Two-Dimensional Shear Wave Elastography: Analysis of 4277 Measurements in 788 Patients

Anita Paisant , Sylvain Lemoine , Christophe Cassinotto , Victor de Lédinghen , Maxime Ronot et al.
Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2022, 20 (2), pp.400-408.e10. ⟨10.1016/j.cgh.2020.12.013⟩
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Soluble CD163 and Incident Cardiovascular Events in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: An Observational Cohort Study

Clémence David , Nathalie Costedoat-Chalumeau , Drifa Belhadi , Cedric Laouénan , Anne Boutten et al.
Journal of Internal Medicine, 2022, 292 (3), pp.536--539. ⟨10.1111/joim.13490⟩
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PACpAInt: a deep learning approach to identify molecular subtypes of pancreatic adenocarcinoma on histology slides

C. Saillard , F. Delecourt , B. Schmauch , O. Moindrot , M. Svrcek et al.
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Extracellular vesicles as biomarkers in liver diseases: A clinician's point of view

Sara Thietart , Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou
Journal of Hepatology, 2020, 73, pp.1507 - 1525. ⟨10.1016/j.jhep.2020.07.014⟩
Journal articles hal-03493927v1

Association of Intravenous Immunoglobulins plus Methylprednisolone vs Immunoglobulins Alone with Course of Fever in Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children

Naïm Ouldali , Julie Toubiana , Denise Antona , Étienne Javouhey , Fouad Madhi et al.
Journal of the American Medical Association, 2021, 325 (9), pp.855-864. ⟨10.1001/jama.2021.0694⟩
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Activation of the phagocyte NADPH oxidase/NOX2 and myeloperoxidase in the mouse brain during pilocarpine-induced temporal lobe epilepsy and inhibition by ketamine

Fatma Tannich , Asma Tlili , Coralie Pintard , Amina Chniguir , Bruno Eto et al.
Inflammopharmacology, 2020, 28 (2), pp.487-497. ⟨10.1007/s10787-019-00655-9⟩
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Progressive alignment of inhibitory and excitatory delay may drive a rapid developmental switch in cortical network dynamics

Alberto Romagnoni , Matthew Colonnese , Jonathan Touboul , Boris Gutkin
Journal of Neurophysiology, 2020, 123 (5), pp.1583-1599. ⟨10.1152/jn.00402.2019⟩
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Portal hypertension and hepatocellular carcinoma: des liaisons dangereuses …

Manon Allaire , Marika Rudler , Dominique Thabut
Liver International, 2021, ⟨10.1111/liv.14977⟩
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Prolyl-Isomerase Pin1 Controls Key fMLP-Induced Neutrophil Functions

Samia Bedouhene , Min Liu , Nassima Senani , Tarek Boussetta , Coralie Pintard et al.
Biomedicines, 2021, 9 (9), pp.1130. ⟨10.3390/biomedicines9091130⟩
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Pegylated interferon may be considered in chronic viral hepatitis E resistant to ribavirin in kidney transplant recipients

Isabelle Ollivier-Hourmand , Louise Lebedel , Angélique Lecouf , Manon Allaire , T T N Nguyen et al.
BMC Infectious Diseases, 2020, 20 (1), pp.522. ⟨10.1186/s12879-020-05212-2⟩
Journal articles inserm-02968132v1
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Crohn’s disease: is the cold chain hypothesis still hot?

Jean-Pierre Hugot , Anne Dumay , Frédérick Barreau , Ulrich Meinzer
Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, 2021, 15 (4), pp.678-686. ⟨10.1093/ecco-jcc/jjaa192⟩
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ZEB1 promotes cholangiocarcinoma progression through tumor dedifferentiation and tumor-stroma paracrine signaling

Cindy Lobe , Marie Vallette , Ander Arbelaiz , Ester Gonzalez-Sanchez , Laura Izquierdo et al.
Hepatology, 2021, 74 (6), pp.3194-3212. ⟨10.1002/hep.32069⟩
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Comment on how safe is same-day discharge after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy?

Lionel Rebibo , Simon Msika
Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases, 2019, 15 (2), pp.347-348. ⟨10.1016/j.soard.2018.11.008⟩
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Subclinical proximal tubulopathy in hepatitis B: The roles of nucleot(s)ide analogue treatment and the hepatitis B virus

Paul Carrier , Marilyne Debette-Gratien , Anais Labrunie , Sophie Alain , Marianne Maynard et al.
World journal of hepatology, 2020, 12 (12), pp.1326-1340. ⟨10.4254/wjh.v12.i12.1326⟩
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SILEN-C3, a Phase 2 Randomized Trial with Faldaprevir plus Pegylated Interferon α-2a and Ribavirin in Treatment-Naive Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 1-Infected Patients

Douglas T. Dieterich , Tarik Asselah , Dominique Guyader , Thomas Berg , Marcus Schuchmann et al.
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 2014, 58 (6), pp.3429-3436. ⟨10.1128/AAC.02497-13⟩
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Mast cells crosstalk with B cells in the gut and sustain IgA response in the inflamed intestine

Viviana Valeri , Silvia Tonon , Shamila Vibhushan , Alessandro Gulino , Beatrice Belmonte et al.
European Journal of Immunology, 2021, 51 (2), pp.445-458. ⟨10.1002/eji.202048668⟩
Journal articles hal-03406109v1
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Systematic Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Screening at Hospital Admission in Children: A French Prospective Multicenter Study

Julie Poline , Jean Gaschignard , Claire Leblanc , Fouad Madhi , Elsa Foucaud et al.
Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2021, 72 (12), pp.2215-2217. ⟨10.1093/cid/ciaa1044⟩
Journal articles inserm-03408072v1

Cytoskeletal Transport, Reorganization, and Fusion Regulation in Mast Cell-Stimulus Secretion Coupling

Gaël Ménasché , Cyril Longé , Manuela Bratti , Ulrich Blank
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 2021, 9, ⟨10.3389/fcell.2021.652077⟩
Journal articles hal-03405918v1

Basophils and IgE contribute to mixed connective tissue disease development

Yasmine Lamri , Shamila Vibhushan , Emeline Pacreau , Erwan Boedec , Fanny Saidoune et al.
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2021, 147 (4), pp.1478-1489.e11. ⟨10.1016/j.jaci.2020.12.622⟩
Journal articles hal-03405944v1
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Effects of venoms on neutrophil respiratory burst: a major inflammatory function

Jamel El-Benna , Margarita Hurtado-Nedelec , Marie-Anne Gougerot-Pocidalo , Pham My-Chan Dang
Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins including Tropical Diseases, 2021, 27, ⟨10.1590/1678-9199-jvatitd-2020-0179⟩
Journal articles hal-03427686v1