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Proof-of-Concept Study of Drug Brain Permeability Between in Vivo Human Brain and an in Vitro iPSCs-Human Blood-Brain Barrier Model

Gwenaëlle Le Roux , Rafika Jarray , Anne-Cécile Guyot , Serena Pavoni , Narciso Costa et al.
Scientific Reports, 2019, 9 (1), ⟨10.1038/s41598-019-52213-6⟩
Journal articles hal-02981981v1

Telemedicine in French Memory Clinics During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Alexandre Morin , Thibaut Pressat-Laffouilhere , Marie Sarazin , Julien Lagarde , Carole Roue-Jagot et al.
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 2022, 86 (2), pp.525-530. ⟨10.3233/JAD-215459⟩
Journal articles hal-03647957v1
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The RITS Conference: A Major Event of Biomedical Engineering in France

Frédérique Frouin , Véronique Migonney , Catherine Marque
Innovation and Research in BioMedical engineering, 2015, IRBM - Special Issue RITS 2015, 36 (6), pp.315-316. ⟨10.1016/j.irbm.2015.11.002⟩
Journal articles inserm-01233992v1
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New Catalytic Reactions using CO$_2$ for Radiolabeling of Tracers

Alexia Ohleier , Davide Audisio , Fabien Caillé , T. Cantat
Journées Annuelles de la Division de Chimie de Coordination, Jan 2019, Montpellier, France
Conference poster cea-02328998v1

18F-FDG PET-Derived Textural Indices Reflect Tissue-Specific Uptake Pattern in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Fanny Orlhac , Michael Soussan , Kader Chouahnia , Emmanuel Martinod , Irène Buvat et al.
PLoS ONE, 2015, 10 (12), ⟨10.1371/journal.pone.0145063⟩
Journal articles cea-01820353v1
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Improved Estimation of Cardiac Function Parameters Using a Combination of Independent Automated Segmentation Results in Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Jessica Lebenberg , Alain Lalande , Patrick Clarysse , Irene Buvat , Christopher Casta et al.
PLoS ONE, 2015, 10 (8), pp.e0135715. ⟨10.1371/journal.pone.0135715⟩
Journal articles hal-01235953v1
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Reactive Astrocytes Overexpress TSPO and Are Detected by TSPO Positron Emission Tomography Imaging

Sonia Lavisse , Martine Guillermier , Anne-Sophie Herard , Fanny Petit , Marion Delahaye et al.
Journal of Neuroscience, 2012, 32 (32), pp.10809-10818. ⟨10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1487-12.2012⟩
Journal articles hal-02110993v1

18 F-FDG-PET dissemination features in diffuse large B cell lymphoma are prognostic of outcome

Anne-Ségolène Cottereau , Christophe Nioche , Anne-Sophie Dirand , Jérôme Clerc , Franck Morschhauser et al.
Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2020, pp.jnumed.119.229450. ⟨10.2967/jnumed.119.229450⟩
Journal articles hal-02409196v1

Prognostic implications of volume-based measurements on FDG PET/CT in stage III non-small-cell lung cancer after induction chemotherapy

Michaël Soussan , Kader Chouahnia , Jacques-Antoine Maisonobe , Marouane Boubaya , Véronique Eder et al.
European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 2013, 40 (5), pp.668-676. ⟨10.1007/s00259-012-2321-7⟩
Journal articles istex hal-02401430v1

Acute Morphine Exposure Increases the Brain Distribution of [ 18 F]DPA-714, a PET Biomarker of Glial Activation in Nonhuman Primates

Sylvain Auvity , Wadad Saba , Sébastien Goutal , Claire Leroy , Irène Buvat et al.
International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 2017, pyw077. ⟨10.1093/ijnp/pyw077⟩
Journal articles hal-02401392v1
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Experimental and analytical comparative study of optical coefficient of fresh and frozen rat tissues

Mohammed Mesradi , Aurelie Genoux , Vesna Cuplov , Darine Abi Haidar , Sebastien Jan et al.
Journal of Biomedical Optics, 2013, ⟨10.1117/1.JBO.18.11.117010⟩
Journal articles hal-01316109v1
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Co-registration of glucose metabolism with positron emission tomography and vascularity with fluorescent diffuse optical tomography in mouse tumors.

Xiao Tong , Anikitos Garofalakis , Albertine Dubois , Raphaël Boisgard , Frederic Duconge et al.
EJNMMI Research, 2012, 2 (1), pp.19. ⟨10.1186/2191-219X-2-19⟩
Journal articles inserm-00757432v1
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Joint prediction of multiple scores captures better individual traits from brain images

Mehdi Rahim , Bertrand Thirion , Danilo Bzdok , Irène Buvat , Gaël Varoquaux et al.
Journal articles hal-01547524v1
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Differential influence of propofol and isoflurane anesthesia in non-human primate on the brain kinetics and binding of [$^{18}$F]DPA-714, a PET imaging marker of glial activation

Wadad Saba , Sébastien Goutal , Bertrand Kuhnast , Frédéric Dollé , Sylvain Auvity et al.
European Journal of Neuroscience, 2015, 42, pp.1738-1745. ⟨10.1111/ejn.12946⟩
Journal articles istex cea-02937752v1
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A 3D hierarchical multimodal detection and segmentation method for multiple sclerosis lesions in MRI

Hélène Urien , Irène Buvat , Nicolas Rougon , Isabelle Bloch
Proceedings of the 1st MICCAI Challenge on Multiple Sclerosis Lesions Segmentation Challenge Using a Data Management and Processing Infrastructure — MICCAI-MSSEG, pp.69-74, 2016
Book sections inserm-01417465v1

Evaluation of Quantitative Criteria for Glioma Grading With Static and Dynamic 18F-FDopa PET/CT

Christophe Nioche , Marine Soret , Eric Gontier , Marion Lahutte , Guillaume Dutertre et al.
Clinical Nuclear Medicine, 2013, 38 (2), pp.81-87. ⟨10.1097/RLU.0b013e318279fd5a⟩
Journal articles hal-02401429v1
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Validation of an automatic reference region extraction for the quantification of [ 18 F]DPA-714 in dynamic brain PET studies

Daniel Garcia-Lorenzo , Sonia Lavisse , Claire Leroy , Catriona Wimberley , Benedetta Bodini et al.
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 2017, 38 (2), pp.333-346. ⟨10.1177/0271678X17692599⟩
Journal articles hal-02340034v1

Report of the 6th International Workshop on PET in lymphoma

Cristina Nanni , Anne Ségolène Cottereau , Egesta Lopci , Caroline Bodet-Milin , Monica Coronado et al.
Leukemia & lymphoma, 2017, 58 (10), pp.2298 - 2303. ⟨10.1080/10428194.2017.1298752⟩
Journal articles hal-01716432v1

LipImage™ 815: novel dye-loaded lipid nanoparticles for long-term and sensitive in vivo near-infrared fluorescence imaging.

Aurélie Jacquart , Michelle Kéramidas , Julien Vollaire , Raphaël Boisgard , Géraldine Pottier et al.
Journal of Biomedical Optics, 2013, 18 (10), pp.101311. ⟨10.1117/1.JBO.18.10.101311⟩
Journal articles hal-01057402v1
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The st-bond polytope on series-parallel graphs

Roland Grappe , Mathieu Lacroix
RAIRO - Operations Research, 2018, 52 (3), pp.923-934. ⟨10.1051/ro/2018035⟩
Journal articles hal-02925349v1

Understanding Changes in Tumor Texture Indices in PET: A Comparison Between Visual Assessment and Index Values in Simulated and Patient Data

Fanny Orlhac , Christophe Nioche , Michaël Soussan , Irène Buvat
Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2017, 58 (3), pp.387-392. ⟨10.2967/jnumed.116.181859⟩
Journal articles hal-02401393v1

A Postreconstruction Harmonization Method for Multicenter Radiomic Studies in PET

Fanny Orlhac , Sarah Boughdad , Cathy Philippe , Hugo Stalla-Bourdillon , Christophe Nioche et al.
Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2018, 59 (8), pp.1321-1328. ⟨10.2967/jnumed.117.199935⟩
Journal articles hal-02401365v1

Subject-specific bone attenuation correction for brain PET/MR: can ZTE-MRI substitute CT scan accurately?

Maya Khalifé , Brice Fernandez , Olivier Jaubert , Michaël Soussan , Vincent Brulon et al.
Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2017, 62 (19), pp.7814-7832. ⟨10.1088/1361-6560/aa8851⟩
Journal articles hal-02401379v1

4D PET iterative deconvolution with spatiotemporal regularization for quantitative dynamic PET imaging

Frederic Boisson , Anthonin Reilhac , Arnaud Charil , Catriona Wimberley , Georgios Angelis et al.
NeuroImage, 2015, 118, pp.484-493. ⟨10.1016/j.neuroimage.2015.06.029⟩
Journal articles hal-02348012v1
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Imaging probes and modalities for the study of Solute Carrier O (SLCO)-transport function in vivo

Solène Marie , Salvatore Cisternino , Irene Buvat , Xavier Declèves , Nicolas Tournier et al.
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2017, 106 (9), pp.2335-2344. ⟨10.1016/j.xphs.2017.04.031⟩
Journal articles cea-01960787v1

A Focus on Young Researchers and an Outstanding Career in the Spotlight: The Success of the RITS Conference

Frédérique Frouin , Claudine Gehin , B. Massot , Cyril Lafon , Françoise Peyrin et al.
Innovation and Research in BioMedical engineering, 2017, 38 (4), pp.177
Journal articles hal-01998064v1
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Contribution of tissue textural pattern and conventional index to glioma staging in FDopa-PET/CT

Christophe Nioche , Fanny Orlhac , Marine Soret , Eric Gontier , Irène Buvat et al.
Journées RITS 2015, Mar 2015, Dourdan, France. p50-51 Section imagerie phénotypique et génotypique
Conference papers inserm-01145618v1
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A pilot study to quantify hepatic perfusion using pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling in MRI

Mike-Ely Cohen , Isabelle Lajoie , Kenneth Dyson , Olivier Lucidarme , Richard D Hoge et al.
Journées RITS 2015, Mar 2015, Dourdan, France. pp 156-157
Conference papers inserm-01155314v1
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Validation of a harmonization method to correct for SUV and radiomic features variability in multi-center studies

Fanny Orlhac , Olivier Humbert , Sarah Boughdad , Maud Lasserre , Michael Soussan et al.
SNMMI Annual Meeting, Jun 2018, Philadelphia, United States. pp.288
Conference papers hal-01759334v1

Advanced optical simulation of scintillation detectors in GATE V8.0: first implementation of a reflectance model based on measured data

Mariele Stockhoff , Sebastien Jan , Albertine Dubois , Simon R. Cherry , Emilie Roncali et al.
Phys.Med.Biol., 2017, 62 (12), pp.L1-L8. ⟨10.1088/1361-6560/aa7007⟩
Journal articles hal-01703480v1