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Structure: Internal structure identifier : 366895
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Using gold nanoparticles for enhanced intradermal delivery of poorly soluble auto-antigenic peptides

R K Singh , C. Malosse , J. Davies , Bernard Malissen , E. Kochba et al.
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, 2020, ⟨10.1016/j.nano.2020.102321⟩
Journal articles hal-03013467v1

C/EBPβ-Dependent Epigenetic Memory Induces Trained Immunity in Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Bérengère de Laval , Julien Maurizio , Prashanth Kandalla , Gabriel Brisou , Louise Simonnet et al.
Cell Stem Cell, 2020, 26 (5), pp.657-674.e8. ⟨10.1016/j.stem.2020.01.017⟩
Journal articles hal-02981048v1
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Customized Reversible Stapling for Selective Delivery of Bioactive Peptides

Zizhen Zeng , Jibao Zhu , Xiaoyu Deng , Huanwen Chen , Yi Jin et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2022, 144 (51), pp.23614-23621. ⟨10.1021/jacs.2c10949⟩
Journal articles hal-03988530v1

New national and regional bryophyte records, 43

L.T. Ellis , A.K. Asthana , Arunima Srivastava , Vadim A. Bakalin , Halina Bednarek-Ochyra et al.
Journal of Bryology, 2015, 37 (2), pp.128-146. ⟨10.1179/1743282015Y.0000000003⟩
Journal articles hal-01168260v1

The local limit of unicellular maps in high genus

Omer Angel , Guillaume Chapuy , Nicolas Curien , Gourab Ray
Electronic Communications in Probability, 2013, 18 (86), pp.1-8. ⟨10.1214/ECP.v18-3037⟩
Journal articles hal-01185315v1

Cnidarian Cell Type Diversity and Regulation Revealed by Whole-Organism Single-Cell RNA-Seq

Arnau Sebé-Pedrós , Baptiste Saudemont , Elad Chomsky , Flora Plessier , Marie-Pierre Mailhé et al.
Cell, 2018, 173 (6), pp.1520 - 1534.e20. ⟨10.1016/j.cell.2018.05.019⟩
Journal articles pasteur-01838472v1
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Co-variations between plant functional traits emerge from constraining parameterization of a terrestrial biosphere model

Marc Peaucelle , Cédric Bacour , Philippe Ciais , Nicolas Vuichard , Sylvain Kuppel et al.
Global Ecology and Biogeography, 2019, 27 (9), pp.1351-1365. ⟨10.1111/geb.12937⟩
Journal articles hal-02371849v1

Next-generation sequencing technologies for detection of modified nucleotides in RNAs

Schraga Schwartz , Yuri Motorin
RNA Biology, 2016, 14 (9), pp.1124 - 1137. ⟨10.1080/15476286.2016.1251543⟩
Journal articles hal-01799254v1

Enantiotopic discrimination in the NMR spectrum of prochiral solutes in chiral liquid crystals

Philippe Lesot , Christie Aroulanda , Herbert Zimmermann , Zeev Luz
Chemical Society Reviews, 2015, 44 (8), pp.2330-2375
Journal articles hal-02314352v1

HalX: an open-source LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) for small- to large-scale laboratories.

Jaime Prilusky , Eric Oeuillet , Nathalie Ulryck , Anne Pajon , Julie Bernauer et al.
Acta crystallographica Section D : Structural biology [1993-..], 2005, 61 (Pt 6), pp.671-678. ⟨10.1107/S0907444905001290⟩
Journal articles istex inria-00431702v1

Quantifying neurite growth mediated by interactions among secretory vesicles, microtubules, and actin networks.

Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova , Andrea Burgo , Thierry Galli , David Holcman
Biophysical Journal, 2009, 96 (3), pp.840-57. ⟨10.1016/j.bpj.2008.10.036⟩
Journal articles hal-00503015v1
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Another Look at Complementation Properties

Charles Bouillaguet , Orr Dunkelman , Gaëtan Leurent , Pierre-Alain Fouque
Fast Software Encryption, 17th International Workshop : FSE 2010, 2010, Seoul, South Korea. pp.347-364, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-13858-4_20⟩
Conference papers inria-00556674v1

fMRI-Based Robotic Embodiment: Controlling a Humanoid Robot by Thought Using Real-Time fMRI

Ori Cohen , Sébastien Druon , Sebastien Lengagne , Avi Mendelsohn , Rafael Malach et al.
Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, 2014, 23 (3), pp.229-241. ⟨10.1162/PRES_a_00191⟩
Journal articles lirmm-01589230v1

An ergodic theorem for the quasi-regular representation of the free group

Adrien Boyer , Antoine Pinochet Lobos
Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society - Simon Stevin, 2017, 24 (2), pp.243 - 255. ⟨10.36045/bbms/1503453708⟩
Journal articles hal-01587468v1
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Radio Sounding of the Venusian Atmosphere and Ionosphere with EnVision

Silvia Tellmann , Yohai Kaspi , Sébastien Lebonnois , Franck Lefèvre , Janusz Oschlisniok et al.
EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019, Sep 2019, Geneva, Switzerland. pp.EPSC-DPS2019-609-1
Conference papers insu-02263195v1

Efficient and Accurate Translation Initiation Directed by TISU Involves RPS3 and RPS10e Binding and Differential Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 1A Regulation

Ora Haimov , Hadar Sinvani , Franck Martin , Igor Ulitsky , Rafi Emmanuel et al.
Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2017, 37 (15), ⟨10.1128/MCB.00150-17⟩
Journal articles hal-02177154v1

Delta N-p53, a natural isoform of p53 lacking the first transactivation domain, counteracts growth suppression by wild-type p53

S. Courtois , G. Verhaegh , S. North , M. G. Luciani , Patrice Lassus et al.
Oncogene, 2002, 21 (44), pp.6722--6728. ⟨10.1038/sj.onc.1205874⟩
Journal articles hal-02197521v1
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Parallel Search with no Coordination

Amos Korman , Yoav Rodeh
24th International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity (SIROCCO), Jun 2017, Porquerolles, France
Conference papers hal-01523506v1
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A new cross section measurement of reactions induced by 3He-particles on a carbon target

A. Pichard , J. Mrazek , M. Assié , M. Hass , M. Honusek et al.
European Physical Journal A, 2011, 47, pp.72. ⟨10.1140/epja/i2011-11072-9⟩
Journal articles istex in2p3-00544574v2

Generalized seniority and E2 transitions in the tin isotopes

I.O. Morales , P. van Isacker , I. Talmi
Physics Letters B, 2011, 703, pp.606-608. ⟨10.1016/j.physletb.2011.08.033⟩
Journal articles istex in2p3-00619312v1

Community-Wide Assessment of Protein-Interface Modeling Suggests Improvements to Design Methodology.

Sarel J Fleishman , Timothy A Whitehead , Eva-Maria Strauch , Jacob E Corn , Sanbo Qin et al.
Journal of Molecular Biology, 2011, 414 (2), in press. ⟨10.1016/j.jmb.2011.09.031⟩
Journal articles inria-00637848v1
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High Pressure Inside Nanometer-Sized Particles Influences the Rate and Products of Chemical Reactions

Matthieu Riva , Jianfeng Sun , V. Faye Mcneill , Charline Ragon , Sebastien Perrier et al.
Environmental Science and Technology, 2021, 55 (12), pp.7786-7793. ⟨10.1021/acs.est.0c07386⟩
Journal articles hal-03363154v1
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14,000-year-old seeds indicate the Levantine origin of the lost progenitor of faba bean

Valentina Caracuta , Mina Weinstein-Evron , Daniel Kaufman , Reuven Yeshurun , Jeremie Silvent et al.
Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, pp.37399. ⟨10.1038/srep37399⟩
Journal articles hal-01417973v1
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Metal‐Mediated Interactions in Homo‐ and Heterobimetallic Edifices with Lanthanides: A Study in Solution

Josef Hamacek , Mourad Elhabiri , Boris Le Guennic , Abraham Shanzer , Anne‐marie Albrecht-Gary et al.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2022, 2022 (26), ⟨10.1002/ejic.202200235⟩
Journal articles hal-03767785v1

On the approximability of some degree-constrained subgraph problems

Omid Amini , David Peleg , Stéphane Pérennes , Ignasi Sau , Saket Saurabh et al.
Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2012, 160 (2), pp.1661-1679. ⟨10.1016/j.dam.2012.03.025⟩
Journal articles lirmm-00736702v1
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Optical imaging of coherent molecular rotors

Jérémy Bert , Emilien Prost , Ilia Tutunnikov , Pierre Béjot , Edouard Hertz et al.
Laser and Photonics Reviews, 2020, 14 (5), pp.1900344. ⟨10.1002/lpor.201900344⟩
Journal articles hal-02998468v1
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Zeroes and rational points of analytic functions

Georges Comte , Yosef Yomdin
Annales de l'Institut Fourier, 2018
Journal articles hal-03798604v1

Continuity properties of Lyapunov exponents for surface diffeomorphisms

Jérôme Buzzi , Sylvain Crovisier , Omri Sarig
Inventiones Mathematicae, 2022, 230, pp.767-849
Journal articles hal-03158542v1
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1/f Tunnel Current Noise through Si-bound Alkyl Monolayers

Nicolas Clement , Stephane Pleutin , Oliver Seitz , Stephane Lenfant , Dominique Vuillaume et al.
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-00125398v3

1/f tunnel current noise through Si-bound alkyl monolayers

Dominique Vuillaume , Nicolas Clément , Stéphane Pleutin , Oliver Seitz , D. Cahen et al.
Materials Research Society Fall Meeting, Nov 2007, Boston, MA, United States
Conference papers hal-00285240v1