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The extracellular regulated kinase-1 (ERK1) controls regulated {alpha}-secretase-mediated processing, promoter transactivation and mRNA levels of the cellular prion protein.

Moustapha Cisse , Eric Duplan , Marie-Victoire Guillot-Sestier , Joaquim Rumigny , Charlotte Bauer et al.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2011, epub ahead of print. ⟨10.1074/jbc.M110.208249⟩
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Common variants at 12q14 and 12q24 are associated with hippocampal volume.

Joshua C Bis , Charles Decarli , Albert Vernon Smith , Fedde van Der Lijn , Fabrice Crivello et al.
Nature Genetics, 2012, 44 (5), pp.545-551. ⟨10.1038/ng.2237⟩
Journal articles hal-01157821v1

M-type phospholipase A2 receptor as target antigen in idiopathic membranous nephropathy.

Laurence H Beck , Ramon G B Bonegio , Gérard Lambeau , David M Beck , David W Powell et al.
New England Journal of Medicine, 2009, 361 (1), pp.11-21. ⟨10.1056/NEJMoa0810457⟩
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Genome-Wide Association Studies of Cerebral White Matter Lesion Burden: The CHARGE Consortium

M Fornage , S Debette , Jc Bis , H Schmidt , Ma Ikram et al.
Annals of Neurology, 2011, 69, pp.928-939. ⟨10.1002/ana.22403⟩
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Local entrainment of oscillatory activity induced by direct brain stimulation in humans

Julià L. Amengual , Marine Vernet , Claude Adam , Antoni L Valero-Cabré
Scientific Reports, 2017, 7, pp.41908. ⟨10.1038/srep41908⟩
Journal articles hal-01496153v1
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Game theoretical mapping of white matter contributions to visuospatial attention in stroke patients with hemineglect

Monica N Toba , Melissa Zavaglia , Caroline Malherbe , Tristan Moreau , Federica Rastelli et al.
Human Brain Mapping, 2020, ⟨10.1002/hbm.24987⟩
Journal articles hal-02536778v1
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Motor Cortex Neurostimulation Technologies for Chronic Post-stroke Pain: Implications of Tissue Damage on Stimulation Currents

Anthony T. O 'Brien , Rivadavio Amorim , R. Jarrett Rushmore , Uri Eden , Linda Afifi et al.
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2016, 10, pp.545. ⟨10.3389/fnhum.2016.00545⟩
Journal articles hal-01408929v1
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Vericiguat in Patients with Heart Failure and Reduced Ejection Fraction

Paul W Armstrong , Burkert Pieske , Kevin J Anstrom , Justin Ezekowitz , Adrian F Hernandez et al.
New England Journal of Medicine, 2020, 382 (20), pp.1883 - 1893. ⟨10.1056/nejmoa1915928⟩
Journal articles inserm-03935267v1
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Analysis of shared heritability in common disorders of the brain

Verneri Anttila , Brenda Sullivan , Hilary Finucane , Walter Walters , Jose Bras et al.
Science, 2018, 360 (6395), eaap8757. ⟨10.1126/science.aap8757⟩
Journal articles cea-01870483v1

Effects of trimetazidine, a partial inhibitor of fatty acid oxidation, on ventricular function and survival after myocardial infarction and reperfusion in the rat

Frédéric Mouquet , Delphine Rousseau , Valérie Domergue-Dupont , Alain Grynberg , Ronglih Liao et al.
Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology, 2010, 24 (4), pp.469-476. ⟨10.1111/j.1472-8206.2009.00802.x⟩
Journal articles istex hal-02660399v1
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Biomaterials and Oxygen Join Forces to Shape the Immune Response and Boost COVID‐19 Vaccines

Thibault Colombani , Loek Eggermont , Zachary Rogers , Lindsay Mckay , Laura Avena et al.
Advanced Science, 2021, 8 (18), pp.2100316. ⟨10.1002/advs.202100316⟩
Journal articles hal-03368557v1
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Manipulation of Pre-Target Activity on the Right Frontal Eye Field Enhances Conscious Visual Perception in Humans

Lorena Chanes , Ana Chica , Romain Quentin , Antoni Valero-Cabré
Journal articles hal-03633293v1
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Evaluating deep learning EEG-based mental stress classification in adolescents with autism for breathing entrainment BCI

Avirath Sundaresan , Brian Penchina , Sean Cheong , Victoria Grace , Antoni Valero-Cabré et al.
Brain Informatics, 2021, 8 (1), ⟨10.1186/s40708-021-00133-5⟩
Journal articles hal-03286868v1

Taxonomy of the order Mononegavirales: update 2018

Gaya K. Amarasinghe , Nidia G. Aréchiga Ceballos , Ashley C. Banyard , Christopher F. Basler , Sina Bavari et al.
Archives of Virology, 2018, 163 (8), pp.2283-2294. ⟨10.1007/s00705-018-3814-x⟩
Journal articles hal-01911194v1
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Designing the next-generation clinical care pathway for Alzheimer’s disease

Harald Hampel , Rhoda Au , Soeren Mattke , Wiesje M van der Flier , Paul Aisen et al.
Nature Aging, 2022, 2, 2, pp.692 - 703. ⟨10.1038/s43587-022-00269-x⟩
Journal articles hal-03942256v1
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Revisiting 'brain modes' in a new computational era: approaches for the characterization of brain-behavioural associations

Monica N Toba , Olivier Godefroy , R Jarrett Rushmore , Melissa Zavaglia , Redwan Maatoug et al.
Brain - A Journal of Neurology , 2019
Journal articles hal-02415173v1
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Testing the therapeutic effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in semantic dementia: a double blind, sham controlled, randomized clinical trial

Clara Sanches , Richard Levy , Sarah Benisty , Lisette Volpe-Gillot , Marie-Odile Habert et al.
Trials, 2019, 20 (1), pp.632. ⟨10.1186/s13063-019-3613-z⟩
Journal articles hal-02407657v1

RNA Editing TUTase 1: structural foundation of substrate recognition, complex interactions and drug targeting

Lional Rajappa-Titu , Takuma Suematsu , Paola Munoz-Tello , Marius Long , Ozlem Demir et al.
Nucleic Acids Research, 2016, 44 (22), pp.10862-10878. ⟨10.1093/nar/gkw917⟩
Journal articles hal-02472380v1
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Low frequency transcranial magnetic stimulation of right posterior parietal cortex reduces reaction time to perithreshold low spatial frequency visual stimuli

Seth Elkin-Frankston , Richard J Rushmore , Antoni Valero-Cabré
Scientific Reports, 2020, 10 (1), pp.3162. ⟨10.1038/s41598-020-59662-4⟩
Journal articles inserm-02502552v1

Taxonomy of the order Mononegavirales: update 2017

Gaya K. Amarasinghe , Yiming Bào , Christopher F. Basler , Sina Bavari , Martin Beer et al.
Archives of Virology, 2017, 162 (8), pp.2493-2504. ⟨10.1007/s00705-017-3311-7⟩
Journal articles hal-01911205v1
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Impact of Prefrontal Theta Burst Stimulation on Clinical Neuropsychological Tasks

Raquel Viejo-Sobera , Diego Redolar-Ripoll , Mercè Boixadós , Marc Palaus , Antoni Valero-Cabré et al.
Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2017, 11, pp.462. ⟨10.3389/fnins.2017.00462⟩
Journal articles hal-01585139v1

Truncation of the catalytic domain of the cylindromatosis tumor suppressor impairs lung maturation.

Eirini Trompouki , Ageliki Tsagaratou , Stylianos K. Kosmidis , Pascal Dollé , Jun Qian et al.
Neoplasia, 2009, 11 (5), pp.469-76
Journal articles inserm-00387910v1

White Matter Lesion Progression

Edith Hofer , Margherita Cavalieri , Joshua C. Bis , Charles Decarli , Myriam Fornage et al.
Stroke, 2015, 46 (11), pp.3048 - 3057. ⟨10.1161/STROKEAHA.115.009252⟩
Journal articles hal-01379523v1

Isotretinoin Laboratory Monitoring in Acne Treatment: A Delphi Consensus Study

Eric Xia , Jane Han , Adam Faletsky , Hilary Baldwin , Katie Beleznay et al.
JAMA Dermatology, 2022, Online ahead of print. ⟨10.1001/jamadermatol.2022.2044⟩
Journal articles inserm-03697023v1
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Translational profiling of mouse dopaminoceptive neurons reveals region-specific gene expression, exon usage, and striatal PGE2 modulatory effects

Enrica Montalban , Albert Giralt , Lieng Taing , Evelien H S Schut , Laura F Supiot et al.
Molecular Psychiatry, 2022, 27 (4), pp.2068-2079. ⟨10.1038/s41380-022-01439-4⟩
Journal articles hal-03583440v1
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DNA methylation and body mass index from birth to adolescence: meta-analyses of epigenome-wide association studies

Florianne Vehmeijer , Leanne Küpers , Gemma Sharp , Lucas Salas , Samantha Lent et al.
Genome Medicine, 2020, 12 (1), pp.105. ⟨10.1186/s13073-020-00810-w⟩
Journal articles inserm-03179265v1
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Transcranial magnetic stimulation entrains alpha oscillatory activity in occipital cortex

Yong-Jun Lin , Lavanya Shukla , Laura Dugué , Antoni Valero-Cabré , Marisa Carrasco et al.
Scientific Reports, 2021, 11, pp.18562. ⟨10.1038/s41598-021-96849-9⟩
Journal articles hal-03455480v1
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The association of long-term outcome and biological sex in patients with acute heart failure from different geographic regions

Justina Motiejūnaitė , Eiichi Akiyama , Alain Cohen-Solal , Aldo Pietro Maggioni , Christian Mueller et al.
European Heart Journal, 2020, 41 (13), pp.1357 - 1364. ⟨10.1093/eurheartj/ehaa071⟩
Journal articles inserm-03935276v1

Common genetic variants influence human subcortical brain structures.

Derrek P Hibar , Jason L Stein , Miguel E Renteria , Alejandro Arias-Vasquez , Sylvane Desrivières et al.
Nature, 2015, 520 (7546), pp.224-9. ⟨10.1038/nature14101⟩
Journal articles hal-01196805v1
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Structural and functional brain biomarkers of clinical response to rTMS of medication-resistant auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia patients: study protocol for a randomized sham-controlled double-blind clinical trial

Fanny Thomas , Noomane Bouaziz , Cécile Gallea , Palmyre Schenin-King Andrianisaina , Florence Durand et al.
Trials, 2019, 20, pp.229. ⟨10.1186/s13063-019-3311-x⟩
Journal articles hal-02125141v1