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Coordination chemistry approach for the end-to-end assembly of gold nanorods

P.R. Selvakannan , Eddy Dumas , Frédéric Dumur , Christine Péchoux , Patricia Beaunier et al.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2010, 349, pp.93-97. ⟨10.1016/j.jcis.2010.05.050⟩
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Immobilization of polyoxometalate hybrid catalysts onto mesoporous silica supports using phenylene diisothiocyanate as a cross-linking agent

Ourania Makrygenni , Dalil Brouri , Anna Proust , Franck Launay , Richard Villanneau et al.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2018, 278, pp.314-321. ⟨10.1016/j.micromeso.2018.11.036⟩
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Surface-generated copper ions induce multilayer growth of small peptides

Jessem Landoulsi , Vincent Dupres , Christophe Méthivier , Ivan Leteyi Mfiban , Pauline Cornette et al.
Applied Surface Science, 2020, 507, pp.145105. ⟨10.1016/j.apsusc.2019.145105⟩
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Direct Observation of the Surface Topography at High Temperature with SEM

Renaud Podor , X. F Le Goff , Joseph Lautru , H.P. Brau , Mathias Barreau et al.
Microscopy and Microanalysis, 2020, 26 (3), pp.397-402. ⟨10.1017/S1431927620001348⟩
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Converting silicon nanoparticles into nickel iron silicide nanocrystals within molten salts for water oxidation electrocatalysis

Yang Song , Sandra Casale , Antoine Miche , David Montero , Christel Laberty-Robert et al.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2022, 10 (3), pp.1350-1358. ⟨10.1039/D1TA08097K⟩
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Origins of Life and Molecular Information: Selectivity in Mineral Surface-Induced Prebiotic Amino Acid Polymerization

Lise Bedoin , Sandra Alves , Jean-François Lambert
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 2020, acsearthspacechem.0c00183. ⟨10.1021/acsearthspacechem.0c00183⟩
Journal articles hal-03133031v1

Poly(methyl methacrylate) Nanoparticles Grafted with Gold‐L‐Cysteine as a Water Cleaning Material for the Photocatalytic Degradation of Paracetamol

Karima Agoudjil , Nabila Haddadine , Anne Davidson , Siham Barama , Khaled Abouzeid et al.
ChemistrySelect, 2022, 7 (30), ⟨10.1002/slct.202200771⟩
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Recent development of heterogeneous catalysis in ring-opening, biocatalysis, and selective partial oxidation reactions on metal oxides

Ioana Fechete , Jacques C. Védrine
Comptes Rendus. Chimie, 2018, 21 (3-4), pp.408 - 418. ⟨10.1016/j.crci.2017.12.005⟩
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Antibacterial properties of glycosylated surfaces: variation of the glucosidal moiety and fatty acid conformation of grafted microbial glycolipids

Claire Valotteau , Sophie Roelants , Dasaiyan Prabhu , Susanne Zibek , Michael Günther et al.
Molecular Systems Design & Engineering, 2020, 5 (7), pp.1307 - 1316
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Gold Nanorods for LSPR Biosensing: Synthesis, Coating by Silica, and Bioanalytical Applications

Vincent Pellas , David Hu , Yacine Mazouzi , Yoan Mimoun , Juliette Blanchard et al.
Biosensors, 2020, 10 (10), pp.146. ⟨10.3390/bios10100146⟩
Journal articles hal-02970891v1

Site-specific grafting on titanium surfaces with hybrid temporin antibacterial peptides

Nicolas Masurier , Jean-Baptiste Tissot , Douae Boukhriss , Said Jebors , Coline Pinese et al.
Journal of materials chemistry‎ B, 2018, 6 (12), pp.1782 - 1790. ⟨10.1039/c8tb00051d⟩
Journal articles hal-01742222v1

Preparation of niobium-based oxygen carriers by polyol-mediated process and application to chemical-looping reforming

Pedro Henrique Lopes Nunes Abreu dos Santos , Sophie Nowak , Stéphanie Lau-Truong , Juliette Blanchard , Patricia Beaunier et al.
Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 2019, 21 (5), ⟨10.1007/s11051-019-4528-z⟩
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Impact of Mn addition on catalytic performance of Cu/SiBEA materials in total oxidation of aromatic volatile organic compounds

Anna Rokicińska , Patrycja Majerska , Marek Drozdek , Sebastian Jarczewski , Laetitia Valentin et al.
Applied Surface Science, 2021, 546, pp.149148. ⟨10.1016/j.apsusc.2021.149148⟩
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A Graftable Quaternary Ammonium Biocidal Polymer Reduces Biofilm Formation and Ensures Biocompatibility of Medical Devices

Houssam Bouloussa , Azzam Saleh‐mghir , Claire Valotteau , Chahrazad Cherifi , Narjès Hafsia et al.
Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2021, pp.2001516. ⟨10.1002/admi.202001516⟩
Journal articles hal-03155802v1

Deciphering the role and nature of phosphate species at the surface of stainless steel immersed in phosphoric acid solutions

I. Liascukiene , M. Ben Salah , Ph. Refait , L. Dhouibi , C. Methivier et al.
Applied Surface Science, 2018, 434, pp.561 - 572. ⟨10.1016/j.apsusc.2017.10.153⟩
Journal articles hal-01696318v1
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On the importance of combining bulk- and surface-active sites to maximize the catalytic activity of metal–organic frameworks for the oxidative dehydrogenation of alcohols using alkyl hydroperoxides as hydride acceptors

P. Gairola , Y. Millot , J.-M. Krafft , F. Averseng , Franck Launay et al.
Catalysis Science & Technology, 2020, 10 (20), pp.6935-6947. ⟨10.1039/D0CY00901F⟩
Journal articles hal-03089746v1
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Towards the synthesis of mixed oxides with controlled stoichiometry from Prussian blue analogues

Virgile Trannoy , Amélie Bordage , Jordan Dezalay , Romuald Saint-Martin , Eric Rivière et al.
CrystEngComm, 2019, 21 (23), pp.3634-3643. ⟨10.1039/c9ce00427k⟩
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Beneficial effect of gelatin on iron gall ink corrosion

Alice Gimat , Anne Michelin , Pascale Massiani , Véronique Rouchon
Heritage Science, 2021, 9 (1), ⟨10.1186/s40494-021-00593-2⟩
Journal articles hal-03371072v1

Development of novel cathode materials for the bioelectrocatalysis of oxygen reduction reaction by laccase from Trametes versicolor

Achraf Blout , Alain Pailleret , Claude Jolivalt
68th ISE annual Meeting, ISE, Aug 2017, Providence, United States
Conference papers hal-03978145v1

Intérêt des revêtements N-halamines dans la lutte contre le développement des bactéries et du biofilm

Catherine Debiemme-Chouvy , Shan Gao , Hubert Cachet , Nadia Nazi , Vincent Humblot et al.
Matériaux 2018, FFM; Société Chimique de France (SCF), Nov 2018, Strasbourg (67), France
Conference papers hal-03978791v1

Ga(Nb,Ta)SiBEA zeolites prepared by two-step postsynthesis method: acid–base characteristics and catalytic performance in the dehydrogenation of propane to propylene with CO2

S. Orlyk , M. Kantserova , V. Chedryk , P. Kyriienko , D. Balakin et al.
Journal of Porous Materials, 2021, 28 (5), pp.1511-1522. ⟨10.1007/s10934-021-01099-9⟩
Journal articles hal-03995330v1

Supported Cu Nanoparticles as Selective and Stable Catalysts for the Gas Phase Hydrogenation of 1,3-Butadiene in Alkene-Rich Feeds

Giorgio Totarella , Rolf Beerthuis , Nazila Masoud , Catherine Louis , Laurent Delannoy et al.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2021, 125 (1), pp.366-375. ⟨10.1021/acs.jpcc.0c08077⟩
Journal articles hal-03995579v1

Phenylamine-functionalized mesoporous silica supported PdAg nanoparticles: a dual heterogeneous catalyst for formic acid/CO 2 -mediated chemical hydrogen delivery/storage

Kohsuke Mori , Shinya Masuda , Hiromasa Tanaka , Kazunari Yoshizawa , Michel Che et al.
Chemical Communications, 2017, 53 (34), pp.4677-4680. ⟨10.1039/C7CC00864C⟩
Journal articles hal-04015748v1

Synthesis and characterization of Cr-ZSM-5 composite in fluoride medium and its performance in oxidation reaction of 2-mercaptobenzotiazole

Benchikh Imen , Djafri Fatiha , Djafri Ayada , Tabti Affaf , Franck Launay et al.
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, 2017, 29 (4), pp.483-490. ⟨10.1108/IJCST-08-2016-0095⟩
Journal articles hal-04015840v1

One Step up the Ladder of Prebiotic Complexity: Formation of Nonrandom Linear Polypeptides from Binary Systems of Amino Acids on Silica

Yuriy Sakhno , Alice Battistella , Alberto Mezzetti , Maguy Jaber , Thomas Georgelin et al.
Chemistry - A European Journal, 2019, 25 (5), pp.1275-1285. ⟨10.1002/chem.201803845⟩
Journal articles hal-02067461v1
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Structure and Surface Study of Hydroxyapatite-Based Materials: Experimental and Computational Approaches

Guylène Costentin , Christophe Drouet , Fabrice Salles , Stéphanie Sarda
Design and Applications of Hydroxyapatite-Based Catalysts, 2022, ⟨10.1002/9783527830190.ch3⟩
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Self-Organization and/or Nanocrystallinity of Co Nanocrystals Effects on the Oxidation Process Using High-Energy Electron Beam

Ana Cazacu , Claudio Larosa , Patricia Beaunier , Guillaume Laurent , Paolo Nanni et al.
Advanced Functional Materials, 2014, 24 (1), pp.164-170. ⟨10.1002/adfm.201301465⟩
Journal articles istex hal-03744254v1
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Current state of electrochemical techniques and corrosion rate analysis for next-generation materials

Junsoo Han , Oumaïma Gharbi
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, 2022, 36, pp.101131. ⟨10.1016/j.coelec.2022.101131⟩
Journal articles hal-03776989v1

Control of the hierarchical self-assembly of polyoxometalate-based metallomacrocycles by redox trigger and solvent composition

Madeleine Piot , Benjamin Abécassis , Dalil Brouri , Claire Troufflard , Anna Proust et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2018, 115 (36), pp.8895 - 8900. ⟨10.1073/pnas.1808445115⟩
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Sn-BEA zeolites prepared by two-step postsynthesis method: Physicochemical properties and catalytic activity in processes based on MPV reduction

Nataliia Popovych , Pavlo Kyriienko , Yannick Millot , Laetitia Valentin , Jacek Gurgul et al.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2018, 268, pp.178-188. ⟨10.1016/j.micromeso.2018.04.026⟩
Journal articles hal-01803945v1