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The research laboratory "Group of Physics of Materials (GPM)" is a Joint Research Unit (UMR 6634) associated to University of Rouen Normandie, INSA of Rouen Normandie (both members of the federation of Normandy University) and affiliated to the French National Research Center (CNRS) as a member of the Institute of Physics (INP) and also of the Institute of Engineering and Systems Sciences (INSIS).

The laboratory has developed a strong expertise in scientific instrumentation and in material characterization down to the atomic scale, with a special emphasis on the connection between nanoscaled structures and properties.

The laboratory is organized in five Scientific Departments with an expertise internationally recognized in the following areas:



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Copper Atom probe tomography Grains ultrafins Heterostructures Thermodynamics Boron Ageing Cristallisation Microstructure Phase transformation Décomposition spinodale Fatigue Semiconductors Carbon Photoluminescence Fe-Cr High pressure torsion Implantation ionique Thermoplastic Three-dimensional atom probe Aluminium alloys Conf Phase transformations Précipitation Cyclic loading Intermetallics Atom probe Steel High temperature Martensite Crystallization Simulation Monte Carlo Precipitation Spark plasma sintering Nanostructures Atom-probe tomography Simulation Fiabilité Aging Exchange bias Nanostructure Field emission Atom probe tomography APT GaN Glass transition Mechanical testing Monte Carlo simulation Couches minces Laser atom probe tomography Irradiation Finite elements Hardness Severe plastic deformation Multilayers Field evaporation Reliability Corrosion resistance APT Interface Steels Modélisation Ion implantation Calorimétrie à balayage rapide Grain boundary Magnetic multilayers Ferrite Poster Sonde atomique Aluminum alloys Dislocations Barrier properties Spinodal decomposition Aluminium A Thermoplastic resin Transmission electron microscopy Segregation Iron Austenite Sonde atomique tomographique Thin films Diffusion Défauts ponctuels Composition Phase separation D Mechanical testing TEM Phase transition Structural relaxation Ion irradiation Clustering Grain boundaries Nanocomposite Mechanical properties Atom Probe Tomography Size effects Carbides Kinetics FeCr Modeling Fast scanning calorimetry




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