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The French Institute for the Near East (Ifpo) is today at the service of all the disciplines of humanities and social sciences, from Antiquity to our times, and at the understanding of the Near East in general and that of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, the Palestinian territories and Iraq in particular.
Strong with its three scientific departments (Contemporary Studies, Medieval and Modern Arab Studies and Archaeology and Ancient History), today Ifpo develops on a large academic spectre, thanks to collaborations by which its researchers are appreciated by the societies that host them, as well as with the rest of the academic community, to collectively build its shared scientific knowledge.
By putting up the works of its researchers online and open access on the HAL-SHS website, Ifpo achieves in particular an increase in their regional and international visibility. As much as possible, a systematic diffusion of abstracts (or articles) in English as well as Arabic (henceforth accepted on this open archive) should allow the Institute to augment the ‘transparency’ of its missions in its regional environment and favour a more systematic interaction with the international academic community as a whole.

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