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Created in 1995, Mathdoc, national document coordination unit for mathematics, is a research support unit based in Grenoble.  It is supported by both the CNRS National Institute of Mathematical Sciences and their Interactions (INSMI) and Grenoble Alpes University.

Mathdoc provides documentation and publishing services intended for the mathematical community at large: researchers, librarians, academic editors, laboratories such as:

·       Numdam, the French mathematics digital library

·       CFP, join catalog of mathematics serial publications

·       Portail Math, access point to a panel of digital services developed by Mathdoc, Mathrice and the RNBM

·       Centre Mersenne, an open access publishing platform for scientific publications


In this collection, you will find texts written by members of the Mathdoc team, that have been published in scientific or vulgarisation journals, presentation materials made at seminars and conferences and technical reports and reference texts.

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